(NOTE: have created a Kodachi Linux ‘Page’ just below posts section) – Linux Kodachi 6.0 “The Secure OS” has been kicking my buttocks for about 24 hours straight … so impressive was it that I just couldn’t sleep. Looks like it is a fairly new Linux distro, i.e. coming out in 2016. Downloaded it (2.26 GB ISO) and two more Linux distros early yesterday morning, but never got around to testing the other two. Normally never liked a cluttered looking Desktop, but this ‘Thang doesn’t feel cluttered, IMHO. Unlike Tails, Kodachi has been able to import my bookmarks into both TOR and Firefox browsers.

The Kodachi ISO was 2.26 GB download – so it’s loaded! Installed it on an old 16 GB Cruzer Blade, and started testing it. Installation instructions were scattered over four or so web-pages, so I didn’t get everything working w/o lots and lots and *LOTS* of deleting, reformatting and reinstalling – especially with USB. Two different USB’s were not compatible – GEEZ! A new ADATA 64 GB and a 20 GB SanDisk thumb just wouldn’t work right, i.e. not booting. I was trying to get the “persistence” storage to work, which would save sessions, settings and such on the USB drive. Finally thought to try another old 16 GB Cruzer Blade … I’ll put it on something bigger when the new USB’s arrive (two 32 GB and one 64 GB Kingston), if they work. BTW, that was some other missing info I found much later on installing website, i.e. some USB’s might not work.

I’ve never cared for using passwords for my computers. Windows at least gives you the option of saying no-to-passwords; however, Linux forces you to use a password, as far as I know, tho Puppy Linux seems to be the exception. I use “1 – 2 – 3” whenever I install any Linux distro (other than Puppy). Kodachi 6.0 seems to have some bugs in their password installation process, IMHO. The ‘Live’ Desktop has a choice to install Kodachi “Online” or “Offline” … lost count of how many times I used one or the other during my many attempts.  Installation page mentions leaving user-name “kodachi” as is during the installation process, but says nothing about the password on that page. I left “kodachi” alone and punched in “1 – 2 – 3” as usual for password.

More Kodachi  password problems .. well, most of the time Kodachi just wouldn’t boot on my USB’s, and I forget which ones it did boot on (other than Cruzer Blades). The ones it would boot on left me having to enter my password at startup, even tho I had checked Automatic startup during installation. I entered “1 – 2 – 3” until I would give up and start all over again. Eventually, I made “1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6″ my password – noting that Kodachi said it was Fair” this time instead of “short.” Kodachi continued to ignore my Automatic startup selection during installation, and now told me my new “1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6” password was incorrect.

After many more attempts, finally gave up on the USB’s and decided to try a 160 GB Linux test HDD … I have a Sata 5.25in Trayless Hot Swap Mobile Rack for 3.5in Hard Drives in all my computers, and they come in handy! Installation was extremely faster than the USB attempts, and Kodachi booted right into the new OS Desktop – Automatically this time. However, a few hours later, I was attempting to do some software updating when I was suddenly asked for a password … ?!?!?!?! Er, OK – enter “1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6” and got the wrong password notification again.

Can you say – Déjà vu to more Kodachi  password problems, again .. I had spent many many hours of testing at this point, so I needed a brief break before attempting again. Back again, erased, reformatted and reinstalled again on the HDD … booted right up, passed my previous Automatic startup selection during installation, and right to asking me for a password – GEEZ!!! Er, OK – enter “1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6” and got the wrong password notification again. Ditto on the Déjà vu!

Went back to the Kodachi home page, and noticed a “Hints” section … went to the Hints page, and right at the top was:

To login as normal user (Recommended):
Username: kodachi
Password: r@@t00

Geez!!!!! Finally a password solution, after some 16-20 hours (who knows?!), and it’s past my bedtime. I’ll fix it all in the morning .. hit ‘Da Cot and tossed for close to an hour, before giving up ‘n getting up. Seems like I had found that “Hints” page before erasing and reformatting the HDD, but am not sure … anyway, from the HDD installation I punched in the newly discovered “j@@t00” password – BINGO!!!

With the HDD installation working again, it was time to try the USB installation … oh, in case I haven’t mentioned it yet, Kodachi recommended a USB of at least 30 GB, which was also probably on the same page that noted some USB’s might not work. Thusly, I’m back w/ the old 16 GB Cruzer Blade, and at the Kodachi “Persistence” page where it tells you how to get the USB ready for the persistence storage solution.

They are saying to download the Universal USB Installer which I already had in WIN10 (NOTE 1: I know that some Linux distros offer it – or did – but mostly under different names or whatever; NOTE 2: – I rarely try to search for such programs, drivers, and such since 4-5 years ago after finally finding a simple wireless USB Adapter that worked on some Linux distros, after the 3-4 year search for that one, but did search Ubuntu computer for this USB Installer and couldn’t find it; NOTE 3: I don’t allow Linux to tell me when to use a command prompt, i.e. I toss any distro that attempts to force me to use the command prompt – I’ll use it only when I want to, and Kodachi only left me at a command prompt looking ‘Thingie a few times, which was amazing considering how many attempts I made … besides, the OS is great!) … … … … now, continuing with the USB Installer, then selecting “Ubuntu” in step 1 – which apparently brings up the persistence storage bar at some point. Followed the other instructions, and finally set the persistence storage bar at 2 GB before clicking Burn button. Took the finished USB drive and plugged it into Rose (my Linux main machine) and booted up, and selected the “Persistence” mode at boot manager.

Just plugged the USB in, “Persistence” mode again, but no prompt for a password, and it went directly into the new Kodachi OS desktop! All my new settings, bookmarks and such are still here. Did set it to “Automatically save session on logout” in Session and Startup. Looks like after it settles down, it ‘remembers‘ the Automatic startup selection made during installation.

OK … I may make a Page for this Linux Kodachi OS – since am really liking it. USB is slow, but maybe a larger USB will help. I don’t think its built for speed anyway, with all this internet security and stealth modes involved … even the browsers in the Kodachi on the test HDD don’t seem as fast as my Firefox here on WIN10 – even TOR browser seems a little faster here in WIN10 than on Kodachi. TOR can be slow in both places. Definitely less secure here tho…definitely!

UPDATE: 1) Password can be change, but still needs to be at least 5 w/ letters, numbers and characters; go to Settings, then Users and Groups … also, in that same settings you can select “not to ask for password at startup” which I did .. so the user name shows up instead and you just hit enter key. 2) Internet is slower for sure – but even the Firefox browser hides your IP and such (e.g. Africa and places in Europe). Here’s another screenshot of a background: