(NOTE: have created a Kodachi Linux ‘Page’ just below posts section) – Am doing an update on my Kodachi ‘n TOR post – since I missed a section where they explained the importance of using ‘Their’ chosen password during installation (see “Hints” JPG below). That explanation was on the “Hints” page. On the “Installation” page (see “Installation” JPG below) they fully explained TWICE the importance of using ‘Their’ chosen username during installation – i.e. “Warning! Do not change the username of the system it should remain kodachi or some scripts won’t work after the installation.” – And – “Enter your info do not change the user name! keep it as kodachi then hit enter stay back and watch.” Kodachi 6.0 is so amazing (IMHO) that I wanted to do a proper update to that Kodachi ‘n TOR post. I am also planning to do a Page on Kodachi to provide a way to follow future releases, news, etc.

On their “Persistence” page (see “Persistence” JPG below) they go into details on how to create a USB for Kodachi installation. I have that installed on a small 16 GB USB drive.

I had no real problems in creating the installation USB drive – mainly just followed their instructions.

I have also just installed Kodachi 6.0 to the new ADATA 64 GB USB drive, and had no problems with it or the installation this time. Using their chosen username “kodachi” and password “r@@t00” during installation is key – note: username is already entered, but you will have to enter the password! I used “Install_Kodachi_Offline” … left “Install third-party software” checked … I just chose “Erase disk” and left the “Encrypt Kodachi (If you want to nuke Kodachi you must enable encryption on this step) + LVM” out since I don’t need them.

Again, further down you’ll come to “Enter your info do not change the user name! keep it as kodachi then hit enter stay back and watch” so don’t forget to add in their password: r@@t00. You can change password after installation and updating software.

(NOTE: just noticed that the 00 (double zero’s) came out as oo in the published post. I use WP Free version and it lacks a lot – again, it’s: r@@t00 – still won’t come thru, so note it as double zero’s)

Here are their Installation instructions: