First, everything that blinks or winks at me from my monitor causes flashbacks to my old DOS command prompt days – if it’s blinking and winking then it’s a command prompt, IMHO. I mean, even the old “Dos for Dummies” book was above my understanding and intellect – waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy beyond! Second, these newer Linux distros have been amazing to test … much easier than my tests of just 3-5 years ago, but certainly not just “Easy Peasy” as Orca suggests (most of the time)!

Yesterday, after installing Mint alongside Ubuntu, I selected Ubuntu in the boot manager and it took me to a screen that was blinking and winking – preceding the blinking and winking underscore (AKA underline, AKA underdash, AKA low line and AKA DOS dash) were some words – like “initramfs”, “fsck” and “/dev/sda2” – *FLASHBACK*!!! Normally I would’ve just taken out my GParted disk and formatted Ubuntu out; however, being never fearful of Linux or any OS & feeling a bit spry for some reason, I typed something like – fsck /dev/sda2 – and it started spurting out a bunch of stuff ‘n lines for a few seconds, then stopped back at the blinking and winking DOS dash thingie. Well, maybe I typed in “exit” or just did the Ctrl-Alt-Delete – not sure, since I was still experiencing that Dos flashback. Anyway, it rebooted back to boot manager, and I selected Ubuntu again – bingo and right into Ubuntu! OK…everything working fine without any formatting from GParted.

About 12-15 years ago (maybe longer) I was trying out some free (now known to me as “open-source”) office productivity suite – don’t recall what it was…maybe OpenOffice, but after I installed it, all my MS Word docs changed to that file format?! I have like 117 GB’s of data now, mostly in the .docx & .xlsx format – not sure how much data I had saved back then, but it was fairly big (not close to 117 GB tho). It required a formatting of HDD, and re-installation. Fortunately, I wasn’t trying to install that free office suite onto my main computer, since the data CD disk I had been saving data on was now in a new file format. For years after that, I never used that free stuff again; however, now that I’m about to convert GB’s of data from .docx & .xlsx to LibreOffice’s .odt to .ods (??I guess??), am now wishing for some free massive converting action from the past instead of file by file. There are/is conversion software for such, but were/was too expensive when I checked a few years ago. Maybe I’ll do a re-check after converting 500 MB’s of data….oh well!

Do like the LibreOffice tho, and have been testing it for a few years. Never did learn how to use any of the office suites – other than hunt ‘n peck w/ Word and save MS Excel spreadsheets from Fantasy Football (I can destroy Excel and all .xlsx files when attempting to edit one – forget trying to create one!)

Okay … my Linux Journey has been moving right along recently – close to the speed of sound when compared to previous years. ‘Whars “Tina”!!!