Well, a full-circle once again, and am back singing the praises of Ubuntu … so to speak of Déjà vu and such ‘Thangs. Had been using Ubuntu – and Puppy Linux – before I could even use them with an internet connection (probably started sometimes between 2008-2011???) … just didn’t keep track of how long, until I found a USB wireless adapter for Linux. Ubuntu, because it has always installed and worked on all my computers when 99.9% of the rest wouldn’t. Puppy, because it was also easy to install, and it would install on a CD with the ability to save each session, as well as any changes made – don’t believe any other Linux Distro could do that back then. Fact is, because of no internet, plus being able to just stick the CD into practically any computer – I used Puppy a lot more back then. If Vista wouldn’t allow a corrupt Word doc file or bookmark to be fixed or changed, then I would ‘Sic’ Puppy on it – PRESTO & problem solved!

Was probably around 2015-2016 before I finally found a USB wireless adapter that worked with some Linux Distros, e.g. Ubuntu (naturally) and Puppy both finally had internet access. Tried other Distros, but all of them were a problem on one computer or the other or all my computers; however, there was certainly some possibilities there – especially Ubuntu. Didn’t keep track, even with finally having an internet connection that worked with Linux – remote areas like here don’t offer much, and I didn’t even have dial-up which probably would’ve worked earlier, but just too slow. Did have internet connections for Linux back in 1996, but Linux was a joke back then – with something like a colored desktop, mouse arrow, and maybe 1 or 2 icons … it was barely better than DOS.

Then in late 2018, every Linux Distro I tried would install or work ‘Live’ (other than ‘DOS’ Arch) on all my computers … wanted to keep track of what I was seeing in Linux, so started this blog. It’s been a big leap for me – having rid myself of questions about flavors, distros, spins, desktop environments, editions, varying definitions of varying terms, and the realization that there were over 600+- Linux Distros out there. I’m dumping most of those 600+- OSes, and going only with Ubuntu and some Ubuntu-based Distros like Mint (now my #1 choice), Kubuntu, Elementary OS, Zorin OS, etc.

Free software zealots are antisocial muppets who love to hate’ – Mark Shuttleworth

Beware of the “Free software zealots” and their Distros that refuse to accept and/or add even simple 3rd Party software – if it ain’t “Free” and totally open source software, then these zealots are going to spew hate about it. If you are a Windows user, thinking about checking out Linux, then go with Ubuntu or Mint – the rest ain’t even in the same ‘Ballpark’ with Windows 10.