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Yep, Microsoft isn’t going to ‘Sit-on-their-Hands’ and basically live on their past achievements – i.e. in typical fashion Microsoft is looking to the future, and looking for hardworking partners (e.g. Ubuntu).

What keeps popping up in this incorporating of Microsoft and the Linux Kernel, is what a lot of us had missed, i.e. the importance of a ‘Desktop’ OS to developers. Heck, many of us had assumed that the ‘Desktop’ was in trouble, and that Microsoft was moving to a “desktop-as-a-service” (DaaS) – which may still happen; however, Ubuntu and the Linux Kernel are heavily involved with Microsoft in this move, so a full-pay for ‘Desktop’ usage and/or ownership isn’t going to be an option, IMHO. Remember that Ubuntu has recently increased their Long Term Support (LTS) for their Desktop from 5 years to 10 years, and that developers were a main reason for that change.

Potential to Gain Developer Trust

Essentially, Microsoft stands to gain the appreciation and trust of the developer community by building its own Linux kernel version to run its WSL2 processes … snip … “Outside of strictly Windows development, writing cloud apps (mobile, Web, etc.) on a PC has been a miserable experience and has led developers to dual boot a Linux distro aside the Windows OS anyway. Microsoft is acknowledging and offering a solution” … snip … “I think [Microsoft] is happy with Windows for consumers but needed to do something for developers” … snip … The shift toward building and maintaining a “for Windows” Linux kernel reflects CEO Satya Nadella’s commitment to open source development. This is no longer the Microsoft of Ballmer and Gates, where everything is kept behind a proprietary fence …snip

Clearly, CEO Satya Nadella has been moving Microsoft towards this move for some time now, and Ubuntu’s Mark Shuttleworth has apparently been working ‘Hand-in-Hand’ with him. We’re only starting to see some of the potential in this move – like the tip of the iceberg…so to speak.