Update 1: Ended up giving up on the rest and just installing BionicPup 8.0 – ‘Pup’ discovered the bad USB I was using, so I have installed Puppy Linux permanently – 8.0 has a good enough desktop look (sorta – shuuussh) and it automatically connected to the internet. I’ve been rough on that USB – just figured the installing problem was w/ me or the UEFI/BIOS that my MB came w/, but it was hardware problem…USB – I guess?! Anyway, have ‘Portable’ Puppy on its own USB now, and will start over testing the other Distros that I was having problems w/. They all will have a difficult time beating the BionicPup tho…

Well, am trying to replace Puppy that I used for years as a ‘Portable’ OS, but it’s not going to be easy. Grew tired of the Puppy desktop a couple of years ago, and it not actually knowing what my internet connection is – i.e. Hughes Satellite with a HT1100 basic modem and a Linksys E1200 N300 WiFi Router. Puppy worked fine, but the desktop seemed old compared to newer distros, and the internet connection was beginning to be a pain. Also, the replacement Distro must run quickly on a USB drive.

Have already mentioned Tiny Core and SparkyLinux in a previous post, and downloaded 8-9 other distros this morning: Damn Small Linux, Fatdog, Knoppix (pain to even get the iso for it!), Peppermint, Porteus (both Cinnamon and LXQT), Slax and Trisquel Mini. May have to put the install iso on a DVD for some of these distros, and then try to install them to USB … others haven’t spotted my internet connection.

Have tried bigger Linux Distros on USB, but they are just too slow that way … even Lubuntu, Kali, Mint, and Clear OS were just too slow – if I want big and slow I can still just use Kodachi, but its mainly for anonymous type of internet stuff. Some are very snappy and light, but may need work to get an internet connection … mainly, it appears that labor and time will be needed so far; HOWEVER, I still have a few more to test first…keeping fingers-crossed!