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UPDATE: Well, did a little searching and came up with the: Free Download Manager. Astra is a 3.8GB iso download, which is a bigger file than I am use to, and after some searching found that Free Download Manager (FDM) would probably help. My ISP is Hughes satellite, and it has some lags/delays/etc which probably caused a problem w/ a 3.8GB file. Anyway, with FDM installed the download went fast, and got it right the first try. Downloaded Astra Common from mirrors.edge.kernel.org where it was located on The Linux Kernel Archives and am now installing Astra Common. It offered an English Graphical installation and I quickly selected that option, since there was no ‘Live’ session option. Install took 40 minutes – which included a bunch of software I selected to add, e.g. LibreOffice and etc. Booted right up and into the desktop. Definitely a fast and snappy OS, and I will keep testing it for awhile. Note 1: Rufus installed the ISO onto the USB with no problem this time – that 1.2 ‘Live’ version I was using is nothing like the 3.8 GB real thing. Note 2: Help section is still in Russian – WINK!

‘Da Bear cheated a lot *OR* was suffering from disabilities on both the mental and physical side! Actually, I gave up quickly before ‘Da Bear killed itself – was simply too brutal to watch. Astra Linux is a Russian Linux-based computer operating system that comes in at least two flavors – General Purpose OS (red) and OS Special Purpose (blue). OS Special Purpose supposedly provides protection for confidential info and State Secrets. Well, if its anything like the ‘Third Flavor’ I discovered, after many failed attempts at downloading the 3.8GB General Purpose OS (mostly stopped at the 3.5GB mark and announced later that download had failed!?!?!), then the American NSA & CIA must be ‘SnIcKeRiNg’ in a backroom someplace whilst exchanging ‘High Fives’!

That possible ‘Third Flavor’ I mentioned above came as: orel-2.12.4-08.10.2018_17.07.livecd.iso. OSes are named after a “Hero City” from WW2 – Orel is a Hero City in Russia. It took a DVD burner and 3 USB burners before finding one that would work with the so-call ‘Live’ version (possibly a flavor?!) – plus three 1.2GB downloads on two different computers in case one of the downloads was causing the burn/flash problems. In total, I probably wasted over 15GB’s of my monthly Bonus data allowance. Finally got one too boot all the way – by selecting/typing “e” for “options” during boot and editing out “ru-RU.UTF-8,” then selecting F10 to boot from there.

The normal boot-up is all in English (once I figured which burn/flash utility would work?!?), but when it reached the ‘Live’ front-page all that was in Russian. Took hours and hours, and many GB’s wasted in attempted downloads – to discover that the ‘Live’ version/flavor doesn’t offer an install option. It’s fast – very fast, but…lacks a lot of stuff that probably comes with the 3.8GB “orel-current.iso” that I could never get downloaded.

Here are some links I went thru:
1) Google Translate (most of the links I found were in Russian).
2) Google’s orel-current.iso search page.
3) Astra Linux Wikipedia.
4) Astra Linux home (in Russian).

There were other links, but long gone now…so to speak of letting ‘Da Bear ‘win’. Lots of potential when or if they ever actually do an English version for Americans. A lot like Windows, so there is definitely lots of potential there…if they can ever figure out how to actually present it (i.e. if they want to present it). Here’s the Desktop in English, and some other window screenshots:

Here’s the “Help” section (reached by clicking “Help” icon):

It’s in Russian, of course!