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I think Renard Moreau (of Renard’s World) might have said it best, i.e. MX Linux must be giving – “a lot of the developers of Linux envy!” MX developers (and MX community) have certainly developed an amazing Linux Distro! I can see that MX Linux is going to require a series of posts (maybe even its own Page?) here at the Linux Newbie.

Since Cinnamon DE has been my favorite DE for some time now, I wanted to see how or if it would work on MX Linux, and I learned something else about MX in the process (more on that later). I used Synaptic Package Manager to install the Cinnamon DE onto MX – 1) launch it, 2) click search icon and type “cinnamon” and select search, 3) scroll and then check the blank box “cinnamon-desktop-environment” (note: a popup notifies you that other files and/or such will be needed – click OK), 4) then hit “Apply” – all done, and w/o the Command Prompt. Basically the same as the Install Cinnamon Desktop post. Here are some screenshots pre-cinnamon DE:




After you Log Out, it will go to a Log In screen (I still haven’t figured out how to do screenshots of boot-ups or Log In windows) … the window is different than other Distros that I installed Cinnamon DE on, but close enough, and I found the Cinnamon DE selection in upper right-hand corner … select Cinnamon option from drop-down menu, then back down to password and Log In button. New Cinnamon DE opens, and I get a notification that “Cinnamon started successfully, but one or more applets, desklets or extensions failed to load.” It said I could probably disable the one/s that failed to load, in order to prevent that notification again; however, I had actually liked the MX Linux Xfce DE, and didn’t feel like bothering with a minor cinnamon problem during these early tests. Here are some screenshots of the MX Cinnamon DE:



OK … another lesson learned about MX Linux, i.e. Cinnamon DE is great, but looks like Xfce DE works even better on MX Linux, i.e. the developers probably intended that Xfce be used. Heck, I rarely like a Distro’s background and usually change and/or customize it if I’m going to use or test it for any time – Ubuntu has been the exception, since I have always liked their backgrounds … tho I do use the Cinnamon DE on 18.04.02 & 19.04. Anyway, for whatever reason I like the default background that MX comes with – even the Xfce DE – it just seems that everything fits so well, IMHO!

*UPDATE* – Have created a Page for MX Linux before the blog looks like a MX Linux Blog, and since it has become clear to me that MX Linux is going to be one of my permanent Linux Distros, at least until another Distro can come along and knock Mint, Ubuntu or MX outta the Top 3. Here’s the new MX Linux Page link.