Married one woman twice…probably would’ve had a lot fewer divorces, but laws in America don’t allow a man to have more than 1 wife at a time. However, no laws in America on how many computers a man can have, but I have limited space, and ‘Father Time doesn’t allow me to spend as much time as I would like with each computer. In the past, I have upgraded some (e.g. a Dell and a Compaq) and given them away…some newer spare computer cases had parts from older OEM computers (Lenova, eMachine, Gateway, etc) put into them, and they were also given away (threw the old cases away, eventually – ‘sob-wail’). My recent purchase of a new Acer laptop (‘Ace’) now gives me 3 young computers, with the oldest one being a 2016 build (my main computer, ‘Antec’ Jr.). ‘Antec’ Sr. is a 2006 build I had placed under the TV entertainment area, after the new ‘Rose’ computer build. Sr. has recently gotten its WIN7 upgraded to WIN10, and also gets to run some Linux tests occasionally, but not really used much. Making room in main computer area, for the lap top, I decided yesterday to ‘Retire’ the 2009 Dell, and pulled all cords…placed it on top of ‘Antec’ Sr. (who still has full functionality). Dell might get pulled out occasionally, and hooked back up temporarily to update its WIN 10 (recently upgraded from WIN7), but will basically get no use. It’ll be OK, out of the way, on top of ‘Antec’ Sr. It will also be the first to go or get stripped if I need room and/or parts – old Antec cases are still valuable and/or useful, but old Dells less so. The Dell has been useful, steady, reliable, and good all-round computer, but time stops for no one, even Dells (‘sob-wail’).