I tried at least one of the open-source office suites a long time ago (probably 2000+-?), but can’t remember now. Got 1rst computer in 1992 and don’t remember what I used besides WordPad and Notepad before I bought MS Office 2000 around 2000 – remember looking for a free (or bootleg) office suite for a long time before shelling out many Gringo Dollars for Office 2000. Seems like I tried a Corel office suite and IBM Lotus suite – back then you could bootleg almost anything except Microsoft Office. Still ended up buying Office 2000 and still have the original disk of it. It was just too complicated for me; even after wasting money on a tutorial video…it did a lot of useless stuff that I didn’t need.

Someone told me the Office Home & Student suite was easier to use, so in 2007, I shelled out $399.00 for a full MS Vista Ultimate (it included 3 Vista Home Premium licenses also) and $149.99 for Office Home & Student 2007 (which included a license for 3 users). Office Home & Student is still selling for $149.99, but it can only be installed on 1 computer. BTW, I installed Office Home & Student on my laptop (‘Ace’) today, and had no problems – not long ago I would’ve had to end up calling them to get the authenticated…the total process of internet and then phone could easily take an hour. That process was one of the reasons I was planning to move to Linux at the beginning of this year, but then Microsoft improved WIN 10 and made it easier to reinstall their OSes and Office software…I was dreading the installation of Office Home & Student onto the laptop, but the USB external DVD drive arrived today, and Office quickly installed on it (drive was well worth the $23 price!).

Don’t get me wrong, LibreOffice is great, and definitely the best open-source office I have ever used – if more people used it, I would probably switch one of these days. Am in the process of converting a lot of my docs to the ODF (??) format, for when I finally have to switch. I’ve got like 20 years of MS docs, so am in no rush to finish such a boring project…heck, I’m still working on converting my password and user stuff – 2 folders…a ‘PW MISC INFO’ folder and a ‘USER and PW’ folder. Some docs will probably never get converted, so I’ll need MS Office (and its 3 users license) for a long time.

I saved this link – Microsoft Office vs LibreOffice – a few days ago, anticipating the arrival of the external DVD drive and attempting to install Office Home & Student 2007 onto the WIN10 portion of my new laptop. Was waiting to see how the install went before making a post involving Office 365 and LibreOffice – hey, if the install went bad I was probably…well, would’ve been upset. However, I am now doing a post on Office 365 vs Office Home & Student vs LibreOffice instead. 😉

Price: LibreOffice is free to download and use, even for commercial purposes – no strings attached. Because it’s open source software, you can also download and edit the source code, should you wish to.

I agreed with the article’s author Catherine Ellis on that point…

You can buy a one-time license for Microsoft Office, but a Microsoft Office 365 subscription offers the best value. There are different tiers available, depending on your needs, with options for business and personal users.

Not so sure I agree with Catherine Ellis on that point, i.e. a “One-time purchase” fee is hard to beat, in the long run especially. My “One-time purchase” fee in 2007 still allows me to install my Office Home & Student suite on 3 different computers, and it gets updates all the time. Still, Catherine Ellis makes great points throughout her article, and many are hard to dispute – well worth the ‘Read’!

LibreOffice converts everything from my MS Office suite with no problems, i.e. open the MS file, then click save as a LibreOffice file – simple even for me. I only use Word and Excel, and don’t recall ever using ‘whatever’ else the suite has – looks like PowerPoint and OneNote (never use them). Here’s a pic from MS site on their ‘Office Offers’…

Office vs Office

All 5 of my Windows 10 licenses offer Outlook, so why also offer it in Office 365 again? I never used it until my new laptop’s clean WIN10 install forced me into providing a new email address – ended up just going with their suggested email Outlook addy. Office 365 also offers OneDrive – that also came on all 5 of my Windows 10 licenses, and which I quickly have uninstalled (a troublesome bothersome pest that tries to lure you into the ‘cLoUd’!!!). Skype – er, I have used a $15 a month pre-paid Verizon phone for so long that I’ve been ‘Grand Fathered’ in at that $15 monthly price (I rarely use it so have no use for Skype).

Anyway, if you go with the $149.99 One-time purchase of Office Home & Student 2019, you get Word, Excel, PowerPoint…also “Access” to OneNote, use of OneDrive cloud that comes with WIN10, if you want Skype – then just ‘Download’ it, only 60 days of support (so what!?!), and *NO* annual or monthly subscription. That subscription looks like $99.99 a year for Office 365 Home and $69.99 a year for Office 365 Personal. If I had been using Office 365 Personal since 2007 it would’ve cost me $839.88 instead of One-time purchase price of $149.99 – hold on, I can install my version on 3 computers, so Office 365 Personal on 3 computers probably runs over $2,500.

Well, I am sure Office 365 might be useful to some, but it looks like a long-term rip-off to me. My Office Home & Student 2007 (for 3 computers) cost me $149.99 over 12 years – i.e. $12.50 a year to date – Microsoft’s Office suites can’t come close to beating that! LibreOffice wasn’t even around in 2007, so it being free now matters not since my Office costs me nothing anymore, i.e. it’s now free to use on 3 computers.

From a 2016 article – There are now 1.2 billion Office users and 60 million Office 365 commercial customers – wonder how many users 3 years later, in 2019? Probably less than 250-million LibreOffice users?

I do run LibreOffice on 2 computers that use Linux…MS Office is on the same 2 also, in the WIN10 laptop partition or on the WIN10 Hot Swap bay drive in other computer – never would I pay a subscription for any OS or Office suite.