During Part l, I had just started this blog to learn about some of these new Linux Distros that were out, and as a possible process to replace Microsoft Windows OSes. However, Microsoft was improving in leaps & bounds, with less focus on enforcing Authentication at every turn of their products – e.g. fresh installs of WIN10 and/or Office products, and more focus with working with others…including their product users. PART II begins: Déjà vu was a full-circle back to Ubuntu, after giving other Distros the ‘Once-Over’ and then beginning new tests that included comparing those tested Distros to Ubuntu and Mint. Part ll was still about me learning Linux whilst doing a lot of ‘Stumbling’ around, all with little direction.

Part lll will involve cranking down on some overrated and basically useless Linux Distros, of which there are over 2000+ if all the Flavors, Desktop Environments (DE), and whatever other fragmentations of Distros there are. My focus will be on providing interested Microsoft Windows users an easier path to trying a Linux OS (Distro). Distro fragmentation isn’t the only problem that Linux places in the path of possible new users…terminology is another fragmented source that presents more stumbling blocks for potential new users. My earlier post today, Zorin OS – for Newbies to Experts! was the ‘Starting Point’ for Part lll.

Free software zealots are antisocial muppets who love to hate’ – Mark Shuttleworth

That’s another problem with Linux, i.e. there are some serious Linux ‘Fanatics‘ out there (most of those can’t be believed or trusted) who consistently spew hatred towards anyone and/or any product not following their strict guidelines on what Linux should be. Plenty of great people in the Linux Community, but these few Linux ‘Fanatics’ can ruin it for any Newbie. I have recently grown tired of having to moderate the comment sections on this blog…extra work that I’m not interested in doing and simply not worth the time, so I have eliminated the comment section, and also got rid of the “Like” button – this is not a political or social blog.

As Part lll moves along, I hope for it to become another good source for Windows Newbies (macOS newbies?) to check out as a way to avoid going thru 2000+ Linux Distros. Naturally, I will probably also have to adjust the Karmi’s Top 10 Linux Distros and/or create a new Page for Newbie oriented Distros…we’ll see what happens.