At the Logitech Mice product page, under “Platform” there are 5 selections, and Linux is one; however, when you click on a fancy mouse, only Chrome OS and Android show up in “System Requirements” – but not Linux. Seems Linux has never ‘Mastered’ the basic Wheel Mouse…in over 25 years. Yes, Left and Right buttons work, and even the scroll wheel rolls thru about 3 lines at a time, but that seems to be it for the basic Wheel Mouse in Linux. Lucky for Tux, a basic Wheel Mouse ain’t a real live bucking Bull or Horse.

Can Linux handle a mouse that can “copy-paste content” between three computers? Not according to Logitech’s “System Requirements” for such a mouse. Can Linux handle “click-to-click scrolling” or “hyper-fast scrolling, from precision to free scroll in one click” or “Back/Forward, Tilt wheel and middle click” that a fancy Wheel Mouse can do? Probably not. Heck, I’ve never found a Linux Distro that can do a simple auto or continuous scroll:

I use the auto scroll all the time, in WIN10 (and in every other Windows OS that I can recall), but it simply doesn’t work in Linux. Even the Left-Right wheel tilt scroll doesn’t work in Linux Distros. ‘Fanatical Linux’ users deny these facts – usually saying their “mouse buttons work and it scrolls!” Here are mouse settings examples from four different Linux Distros:


MX Linux..



They all offer only basic Wheel Mouse settings … no wonder the Wheel Mouse barely works in Linux. Here are *FIVE* mouse settings ‘Pages’ in WIN10:

OK…’Page‘ 5 isn’t actually a “settings” ‘Page‘ but those other 4 were loaded with customizing settings. Even different pointers … scroll 10 lines or even a full page … Click Lock and many other settings.

Linux hardware recognition problems, installation and even software problems (e.g. No SL for Orca) still seem to haunt Linux, which is one of the reasons I have not switched full-time to a Linux Distro from WIN10.