UPDATE 06/27/2020: Am reclaiming Media Library space by deleting old pics.


A boring day, so I thought to do another install of DosArch, this time on one of the new Team Group 128GB SSD’s I just bought on sale for $15.99 each at Newegg (back up to $23.99 each today). Well, DosArch ain’t fast enough to be on an SSD, so I used Clonezilla to move it to an old 160GB test HDD. Again, problems with getting Gparted to install on it – see earlier Arch Linux post about same problem. Maybe it requires the Command Prompt, but DosArch is the only Linux Distro that’s ever given me problems with Gparted. Installed the Cinnamon DE today, and like it better than the Gnome installations in the past. Had also been doing some testing of a ‘Live’ Namib 19.01 – both Mate and Gnome versions. Who uses the clipboard today?! Anyway, I couldn’t even get app’s onto the panel bar…Mate seems very basic and limited when it comes to customization, which is why I downloaded the GNOME 19.01 this morning, and found it adds a *LOT* more to Namib. BTW, both ‘Live’ Mate and Gnome Namib DE’s worked on ‘Ace’ the Laptop – a difficult new hardware test for many Linux Distros to pass…congrats to Namib on passing.


Now, there’s old and slow DosArch on that old test HDD, so I decided to install Namib GNOME 19.01 alongside it. Well, I’m not sure if it’s the Calamares installer or the Distros using it, but once again the “Manual Partitioning” kept showing up as the *ONLY* option, whilst I wanted to do a “Install alongside”!?!?!?! Maybe the hardware on computer ‘Rose’ is just too new for the Distros and/or Calamares? Anyway, I made several attempts that failed using the single option of “Manual Partitioning,” and several more reboots, and even tried different ‘Namib Install’ icons/buttons…until, a normal Ubuntu type of installation choice of 4-5 partitioning showed up…geez! Even after that, it still didn’t install alongside normally, i.e. I have to go into BIOS and change boot order (F12 Boot Manager wouldn’t show up for whatever reason?!) in order to boot either Arch or Namib. So much for “It’s super easy peasy” in an “Install alongside” scenario.


Here’s the “Manual Partitioning” as the only option being offered during installation:


UPDATE: Orca never ventures far from her toy OS, so I thought I’d add an EFI that still shows the buggie Namib installer with just one option, i.e. “Manual Partitioning” as the only option…again. Main Linux test computer – ‘Rose’ – handles both UEFI and Legacy, and since I conduct numerous Linux tests weekly, UEFI and Legacy support are both needed. Various test disks have different Partition Tables – but that shouldn’t interfere with the installation process…unless Orca is trying to say that Linux doesn’t work on old computers that only have Legacy BIOS (she isn’t, but maybe she doesn’t know what she is saying, as usual).


I may try the install on one of my older computers later…Namib ‘Live’ USB worked on the ‘Ace’ the Laptop brand new hardware test, so I’m leaning towards thinking that the Calamares installer is just buggie with some Distros and/or newer hardware. Here’s what happened after several attempts and failures:


In Ubuntu (and other good Distros), it offers ‘Install alongside Windows‘ or ‘Install alongside Ubuntu 18.04‘ but Namib doesn’t mention that it will be installed alongside Arch…something buggie about that. Anyway, it finally made it past the partitioning problems to this:


And then…finally:


Here’s Namib on ‘Rose’:


Two last pics…Arch Cinnamon on ‘Rose’:



Went with the zen-Linux-Kernel this time…seems to have gone smoother, i.e. the 5.2.3-zen1-1-zen in above pic.

Anyway, I have two brand new 128GB SSD’s added to my growing SSD collection, so those old 160GB SATA ll test HDD’s will get less use now – will leave DosArch and Namib on this HDD. Could possibly try and fix Grub bootloaders, but simply not worth anymore time, and they won’t see much use anyway…oh, never try installing either of these 2 Distros alongside anything else (especially not alongside any Windows OS). I will do some more testing on the Namib GNOME 19.01…it’s headed for a bump-up, IMHO, especially after passing ‘Ace’ the Laptop’s hardware test, and it does come with Gparted. Arch Linux vs Namib Linux? A 1rst Round KO by Namib…simple as that.

BTW, the Arch Linux installation process doesn’t offer pics…sorta like DOS in that way.