WIN 7 series – Part 3: For those Windows 7 users who are thinking about trying Linux before investing in Windows 10. OK…it’s a Linux Blog; however, this is another post in the WIN 7 series: For Windows 7 users, and I’m just wanting to help anyone trying to cover all their ‘Bases’ – i.e. a WIN10 Pro OEM license key for $11.74 is ‘One-Base’. Actually, the key was listed at “Price: USD 14.67” by URcdkey, but NoobsLab offered a Code in their article – Summer Sales: Get Windows 10 PRO OEM Key Under $12 – that lowered the price.

I have previously written a post – Upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10 now! where I mentioned that Microsoft was still allowing WIN7 owners to upgrade to WIN10. Once your machine is upgraded to *AND* activated with WIN10 on it, then you can do a clean install. The WIN10 1903 Version is a great OS…best I’ve ever seen, since 1992 – from Microsoft, IBM or Linux. I upgraded two WIN7’s to WIN10 Home, already had WIN10 Home Full License on my main computer (home build), and then paid $35 for Windows 10 Home OEM license from KINGUIN at the end of May this year for a new build Linux testing machine, ‘Rose’. I love Linux, and use it and test it a lot, but WIN10 Home is my main OS on my main machine. Heck, I only got this WIN10 Pro because it was so cheap, and ‘Rose’ was built earlier this year to do tests on Linux Distros, but it can also check out this new Pro – Ubuntu 18.04.2 is the main OS on ‘Rose’. It’s set up to easily switch SSD’s and test HDD’s so that OSes don’t see or interfere with each other – unless I have them alongside each other purposely. See posts – Case Conversions and Idle Spaces and Linux Distro Testing Accessories ‘n Such for how I swap OSes quick and easy.

Earlier this year, when updating and/or upgrading WIN10 to version 1903, I downloaded the “media creation tool” and created a new USB flash drive with 1903 update on it. That USB also included WIN10 Pro on it, so I used it to install WIN10 Pro onto a new 128GB SSD in the ‘Rose’ computer. Lot faster installation than WIN10 Home, though I wasn’t connected to the internet, and had also said I had “no Product Key” during installation…selected Windows 10 Pro as the OS being installed. Fast installation!

OK…let’s check out this new $11.74 Windows 10 Pro OEM Key. Connect to the internet…find an activation setting area. Enter Product Key…and…and…and:

OK…will do a double-check at the System’s “Windows activation” window…yep! Fully activated, but I will blank out the “Product ID” number in the pic:

Great! $11.74 well spent on a Microsoft product…I may buy another one just to get back at them for charging me almost $400 for Windows Vista Ultimate. Heck, any interested WIN7 Home users can disconnect their WIN7 HDD/SSD, and run tests on both Linux and WIN10 PRO. My 128GB SSD’s were like $15.99 each and included free shipping. WIN10 Pro is only using 24.5 GB’s right now, so the 128GB is plenty big for testing. I’ll get it updated and tweaked, then do a full image backup. That’s it…one more pic:

(NOTE: have created a new page – WIN 7 series: For Windows 7 users)