It must be from the Puppy Linux ‘Runt’ line. I tested both Simplicity1910DesktopAlpha1 and Desktop1604Final using ‘Live’ USB’s only – thought Simplicity Linux was the better of the two. ‘Simplicity Linux is a Puppy Linux derivative with Xfce’ which goes to prove all Pups are not alike, i.e. BionicPup crushes these two ‘Runt’ Distros in all tests from ‘Portability’ to ‘Ace’ the Laptop hardware tests.

Simplicity Linux 19.10 booted on an old 2006 Antec (w/ Asus MB), a 2009 Dell, main Linux test computer ‘Rose’ and ‘Ace’ the Laptop. Passed everything but the Wireless connection on ‘Ace’ (passed the Wireless tests on old 2006 Antec & ‘Rose’ tho). Desktop1604Final failed most tests, tho it did manage to boot-up on ‘Ace’ the Laptop. Still, if Simplicity Linux 19.10 is thinking about taking on the BionicPup, then they at least need to update their ‘About Us’ page, and should seriously consider changing their “Designed To Just Work” to something else.

Compared to the BionicPup, these two are nothing more than more Toy Linux Distros

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