The radical ANTIFA-ishFanatical‘ Linux users ain’t going to like this! Joey Sneddon writes:

Microsoft is Bringing exFAT to the Linux Kernel (And No-One’s Getting Sued)

Microsoft has announced that it’s bringing exFAT support to the Linux kernel, with code contributed licensed under GPLv2.

This is huge, unexpected, yet very welcome #opensource news.

Great, and I agree. I’m just learning about exFAT since recently purchasing some larger USB drives, so don’t know much about it other than that.

snip…It’s long been possible to read, write, manage, edit, resize, and format exFAT partitions and file systems on Linux distros like Ubuntu.

And that’s solely down to stellar open source efforts like the FUSE-based exFAT.

But patent issues have prevented these ‘workaround’ solutions from shipping as part of the regular Linux kernel, out of the box, ready to go.

Today that changes.

Yeah, apparently there has been fees involved to use it…previously. Here’s more:

exFAT in the Linux kernel? Yes!

Microsoft ♥ Linux – we say that a lot, and we mean it! Today we’re pleased to announce that Microsoft is supporting the addition of Microsoft’s exFAT technology to the Linux kernel.

Sounds like great news to me, but the ‘Fanatical Linux Users‘ are going to hate this move (what don’t ‘They‘ hate – other than their ‘Chosen‘ Distro?). Be sure to read Joey Sneddon’s entire article, for a better understanding of what has happened by this move.