Little computerBig prices and Big problems. Hardly any info on these cases, and even less on the 150W power supply. Normally I would pick a motherboard, then match the case and power supply to it. This is a special power supply probably made for this case, so I’m now trying to match its 24-Pin Power Connector and its 4-Pin CPU Power Connector to a Mini-ITX motherboard (found that info on a message board!). There is a 4-pin to 8-pin adapter that I could use for the Motherboard I want, i.e. that Motherboard has a 24-pin power supply connection, but it has an 8-pin CPU power connection. A lot of people say its fine to use a 4-pin plugged into an 8-pin connection, but I have always just found a power supply with the connections I needed. Some say a motherboard (MB) might not power up unless you go with the 4-pin to 8-pin adapter – which I might do, since the CPU is only going to need 65 watts or less (55W probably).

Took forever to find a MB with both a 24-pin and a 4-pin connections, but I’m going to head directly to MB OEM’s websites tomorrow, and see if that works better. That one is about $12 more, and even the memory and CPU to match with it may cost more also. Thing is, run a Google search for Mini-ITX MB and they throw it all at you – especially with lots of Micro ATX tossed in as “M-ITX” sometimes, so care must be taken. MB, memory and CPU all need to match up on the compatibility lists. I may even end up looking for AMD boards and such, in order to try and keep price down. Really wanted an Intel 300 series LGA 1151 Mini-ITX MB tho, so will look harder tomorrow – still, that $80 MB with 8-pin connection is going to be hard to beat price wise.

Sherlock’ TUX has volunteered to help me search…

Pwr Sup 1a

The power supply is located in the yellow-rectangle area…the cables with 24-pin power supply and 4-pin CPU power connection are located in the red-rectangle area.


UPDATE: Found some more info on the 150W power supply, but since it might be for another model and/or newer model I’ll just continue to wait until the case arrives. They have a power supply 120W model with a DC-DC Inverter Board that I assume could make this small form computer portable, i.e. like a laptop, but I don’t know that for a fact. The new info I’ve found shows the 150W model having a 20 + 4 pin Main Power Connector and a 4 + 4 pin CPU Power Connector, which would give me the option to select almost any Mini-ITX MB.

Looks like I need to create a Page for these small form posts…OK, here – The Small Form Factor