I didn’t know computers could or would fight, until today. I put new computer build ‘InWin’ next to computer ‘Asus’ (AKA ‘Antec’ Sr.) whilst I was looking for a good spot to put it. Things started to get kinda weird soon after, tho I’m not sure it even happened the way I saw it happen, but it seemed that ‘Asus’ was picking on ‘InWin’.

Then all heck broke loose for about 20-30 seconds…immediately after ‘Asus’ tried to kick ‘InWin’ – I swear! Anyway, Small Form Factor ‘InWin’ opened up a can of whoop a## on ‘Asus’ and the fight was over quite quickly – I swear! Here’s a pic of ‘Asus’ and ‘InWin’ after I made them makeup and be nice:

Sorry, I use a tablet’s camera for pics, but plan to buy a real camera one of these days – here’s a bigger view…

(Maybe I need to buy a real camera sooner than planned – terrible pics, sorry). Not going to post a pic of the back of ‘Asus’ – just too brutal looking; ‘he’ got ‘his‘ rear foot seriously injured when ‘he’ tried to kick ‘InWin’…one of ‘his‘ front foots also got a little injured, which is one reason ‘he’ is leaning so much.

Well, everything has settled down now, and ‘InWin’ seems to really like ‘his’ new spot next to ‘Rose’.