UPDATE 11/23/2020: Am reclaiming Media Library space by deleting old pics. Trying to thin out the Media Library’s pics from posts that get few visits … hopefully it doesn’t ruin your view of the post.


Did the Arch Linux – ‘Windows 10’s *PUNK*’ post a couple days ago, and I’m still doing tests on it & reinstalling it for even more tests. Looking hard for something to like about it, e.g. I like the wallpaper on these new installs, but it’s hard to find them for saving (other than doing a snip and saving that?!). Also like Octopi – BTW, the 2000+ Linux Distros all have different terms for something like…let’s say you want a new app, but you can’t find a Linux tool that offers “Software” or “apps” or “updates.” Look harder and you may find it listed as “pacman” or Octopi or another one of 2000+ weird names. Hard to believe anyone uses this Distro as their desktop OS. Octopi actually works, after you know what it does. The other choice – guessing it’s called “pacman” – for package manager would spend hours “Looking for updates” and I couldn’t add an app when it was “Looking for updates.” So did another install in order to test Octopi.

Using Octopi last night to install the app “Screenshot” to capture the screen and/or windows, and after installing I couldn’t find it. Kept looking and found this:

“Screenshot” is there (inside my added red triangle), but it has no icon. Then I tried reinstalling it, and got same ‘Invisible icon’. Decided to add it to the panel, but it could not be seen on the panel. Moved the mouse pointer along the panel and noticed this:


No icon – well, it was an ‘Invisible icon’ that had a popup view of “Screenshot,” but no icon…er, no icon you could see. Well, I’ll just deal with the ‘Invisible icon’ and take some pics. Screenshot worked great and I snapped away until I had enough and went to check the pics. Opened picture folder, and clicked on thumbnail image – won’t open!?! Tells me I need to select a program to open a pic. That didn’t work either. Looked for a photo or jpg viewer or some kind of durn viewer! Couldn’t find it. Well, let’s see what Octopi can do…good, a list of viewers, and I install the Deepin Image Viewer…well, I thought I had installed it, but couldn’t find it. OK, look again, this time for something with no icon, and there it was under Graphics:

Again, an ‘Invisible icon’ next to the Deepin Image Viewer app – which worked as these pics now prove. OK, decided to install it to the panel – you guessed it, another ‘Invisible icon’:


BTW, “Screenshot” is there in that last pic, between Octopi icon and the Deepin Image Viewer ‘Invisible icon’. I should add a Page that shows just how useless Arch Linux is as a desktop OS.

Ever meet an Arch Linux user who tells you they use Arch Linux, and you never asked? Arch Linux and Arch-based Linux Distro desktop users are classic ‘Name-droppers’…here’s a pic that sums up Arch or Arch-based Linux users:


*UPDATE*almost 12 hours after after posting this…I just went back to play with buggy Arch and did a reinstall of gnome-screenshot (using Octopi) – lo and behold, the two former ‘Invisible icons’ showed back up. Didn’t do a reinstall of the Deepin Image Viewer, it just showed up after the Screenshot reinstall. Stay away from this buggy Arch Linux, IMHO. Here’s new pic of panel: