I use WIN10 a lot – on all my computers, so I have roughly 4-6 OEM licenses and 1 Full license. My 2007 Microsoft Office allows me to run it on 3 different computers, so I like to have an Open Source Office version for my computers that don’t have MS Office on them. About 2 months ago, I decided to move from LibreOffice to FreeOffice – news about a ‘Mob‘ type reaction by LibreOffice supporters over Manjaro’s decision to use FreeOffice as its main Office product was my reason for the move. I wrote about it – FreeOffice – ‘Compatibility verses Converting?!?’

Remember, that Manjaro has also recently formed a company in order to help their developers make some money…i.e. Manjaro was growing tired of doing the ‘Free Thingie‘. From Manjaro – Manjaro is taking the next step:

snip…Today, many thousands of users are relying on the constancy, stability and security associated with Manjaro daily. The development and maintenance have become considerably more time consuming and a much larger task than can be managed by a few people in their spare time…snip…For some time, Philip has been investigating ways to secure the project in its current form and how to allow for activities which can’t be undertaken as a “hobby project”, and, along with the rest of the team, a plan of action has been created.

Lack of financial support for 99% of the 2000+++ Linux Distros is one reason I always recommend Ubuntu 18.04.3. Manjaro’s developers aren’t the only Distro developers growing tired of donating their time for the ANTIFA-ish Mob Mentality of the radical Linux ‘Freebie’ group, e.g. Namib’s frederic2ec recently wrote:

The project isn’t dead, I’m still working and maintaining it in the dark. Still it’s hard for me to follow up with the update. I don’t have a lot of time because of my side job and school. Secondly, I can’t update Namib because I’m blocked by a calamares bug which make the partitioning non functional on a non-clean hard drive (You can still get around that big by cleaning the disk with something like gparted.) but i don’t want to release a version with a bug like that. Until it’s fixed the release is on hold.

Archies are infamous for being ‘Buggy‘ so nothing new there, other than Distro developers are growing tired of doing the ‘Free Thingie‘ for howling ungrateful radical Linux user mobs. Anyway, this mob mentality behavior was the main reason I switched to FreeOffice a couple of months age. Never really used it much after the first day, but whilst doing a WIN10 update on Rose this morning, I decided to do a check on FreeOffice’s TextMaker and it asked me for the “Free Product Key” – something like that, a free product key needed to be entered in order to use it…it was free to register for it. Honestly, they lost me on the “Product Key” request, and I don’t remember how they actually phrased it. It looked something like this:

I don’t recall being asked to register for a “Product Key” when I downloaded it, but its possible. Don’t recall ever punching in a product key to test it after first install. Anyway, I uninstalled it this morning, and answered their “Why” question to my uninstalling with – FreeOffice just asked me for a “Product Key” and I’m going back to LibreOffice.

Geez…have I become just another radical Linux user?!?!?!