This patent fight has been going on for a little while, but I haven’t kept up with all the details – tho I love GNOME, and use it a lot, e.g. DE and extensions especially. This has been out a week now: “GNOME fires back at patent troll

A notorious “patent troll” — an acquirer of vague or trivial patents whose only real business is to shake down companies that offer implicated products — recently targeted GNOME, developers of a popular desktop environment for the Linux family of operating systems. GNOME fired back yesterday, asking a judge to dismiss the troll’s lawsuit.

Rothschild Patent Imaging – Cases where party is a Patent Asserter – maybe a “patent troll” but certainly a “Patent Asserter.” Is this Rothschild’s – Wireless image distribution system and method … ??? Too complicated for humble me.

More today: Open Invention Network comes to GNOME’s aid in patent troll fight

Bergelt said in his keynote: “Rothschild is a bad company. This is an entity that’s antithetical to the goals of innovation. It will sue foundations. It will sue not for profits. iI will sue individuals. It will sue corporations. Their playbook is to establish a pattern of wins through relatively modest settlements,” which can get other businesses to pay up without a fight.

Well, GNOME is getting help, at least. My visitors – from places like the United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Italy, Australia, Germany, Brazil, Latvia, Switzerland, Slovenia, Taiwan, Egypt, Puerto Rico, Norway, France, South Africa, Canada, South Korea, Hong Kong SAR China, India, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Jamaica, Sweden, Spain, Libya, Russia, Indonesia, Greece, Netherlands, Hungary, Yemen, Argentina (there are more, but those are from this week…oh, plus the one visitor this month from the United States) – mainly read my older posts and pages, i.e. Kodachi stuff, antiX, Solus, Debian, YUMI, Deepin, MX Linux, Windows 7 Users posts & page (those are fairly new), Feren OS, etc. and again even more Kodachi stuff; however, maybe they will take a glance at this new ‘Almost-ReBlog‘ on the “Meaniepoofaces” attacking FOSS (Free and open-source software), and pass the word around…