I could’ve made this an ‘Update’ to or a ‘Part 2’ of the MX Linux, Manjaro & Mint – ‘Intel i9 9900 & GeForce GTX 1660 Compatibility Tests’ post, but wanted to keep Mint away from these two problematic Linux Distros, since Mint had no problems in those tests. However, please do read that post for the full intent and reason of this new post.

10 months of hard and intensive Linux Distro testing since I first started this blog, and I’m still at it, in one form or another. Linux isn’t a popular desktop Operating System (OS), if one uses the Global desktop user stats that show Linux “around 2%” of total desktop and laptop usage. For a perspective of that info, Google Chrome OS is “about 6%,” and it started 10 years ago…compared to Linux starting 27 years ago.

Seeing that MX Linux and Manjaro had problems with a simple USB Docking Station (see the “MX Linux, Manjaro & Mint – ‘Intel i9 9900 & GeForce GTX 1660 Compatibility Tests’” post), also had problems getting Nvidia drivers correct and even recognizing the GeForce GTX 1660 (they saw a “llvmpipe” driver for Graphics – whatever that is!?!), and were also unable to even recognize the storage disks they were installed on – those observations were from tests conducted on Antec Jr. BTW, Mint & Ubuntu Linux passed those tests. Today, I’m conducting those tests on an older computer – Antec Sr. and both MX and Manjaro are doing better on 3 year old hardware.

They both recognized the Intel® HD Graphics 530 on Antec Sr.’s Intel® Core™ i5-6600K Processor; however, only Manjaro recognized the disk it was installed on. Both Distros are always going to have ‘Hardware Recognition & Compatibility Issues’ – IMHO, it’s simple their Modus Operandi … so to speak.

Rule of Thumb – if you can’t install Ubuntu on it, then you can’t install any Linux Distro on it.