UPDATE 06/28/2020: Am reclaiming Media Library space by deleting old pics.


I saw this yesterday and almost put it on my Linux *QUICK* News ‘N Bits page, where I post deals from time to time; however, never made it there, but thought of it again this morning and then noticed it supposedly ends today. Also don’t know anything about servers, but seems to me it has all the parts to work like a basic desktop computer. Deal News has this:

Intel Xeon E-2224G – Intel suggests the price is around $215 for the processor. Do the math – you can’t build this thing for $349! Must have a MoBo since the CPU and memory are apparently installed. Case footprint is just 6.95 inches wide x 13.18 inches high x 14.15 inches deep.

Here’s the Deal News link – Dell’s PowerEdge T40 Tower Server – and pic:


Same code to get it at the $349 price. Oh, it comes with no OS, if you scroll down that last link:


However, from the doc page – PowerEdge T40 Documentation – you get to the – T40 Technical Specifications Guide – and find the Supported OSes:


Doesn’t say if it supports Windows 10 Pro, but in my Windows 7 Users – ‘Windows 10 Pro OEM Key for USD 11.74’ post it tells you how to get a legal Product Key from URcdkey for $11.74, so that’s the most you lose if WIN10 Pro fails to install. Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is supported, and it is free.

UserBenchmark says it only has 5 benchmark tests so it doesn’t have a lot to say about it:


“Nuclear Submarine” is just below “UFO” in their ratings, so the Intel® Xeon® E-2224G looks like a *GREAT* desktop processor!

Heck, I would test the thing if Dell would send me one…send it back to them if they paid shipping costs; however, with my budget for this month already spent on the Ryzen Test Computer, *PLUS* I have run out of space or need for any more computers.