Project is now on ‘Hold’ – had ordered the MoBo + CPU, or maybe it was/is an APU (Accelerated Processing Units) which have the ‘CPU & GPU on the same chip’, on November 13, 2019 and checked yesterday to find it hadn’t been shipped yet, but now showed it would arrive on November 22. Decided to check again this morning to see if they shipped it, and if they had not then I would cancel the order. I know Amazon tries hard to get you to become a “Prime” customer, but delaying shipments this long makes me think they believe I am a ‘Bum No-Account Customer’ … usually they are faster than this and the order arrives in about 5-7 days after ordered.

Anyway, they just sent me an email confirming my cancellation, so am now pondering my next move. Thanksgiving (in the United States) is November 28 this year, and Black Friday (a “major shopping day”) arrives the next day. I may wait until then and see if I can get a better deal. May also increase the budget if a great deal shows up. Not sure when Part 4 will be here, but will eventually get the Ryzen Test Computer built!

Adding this to the Ryzen™ ‘Stuff‘ page.