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I sometimes use Orca of the infamous OrcaFlotta Blog as my ‘Muse’ – today she has posted “Come On, Orca …” which is about the PinePhone, a “Linux-driven” smartphone. The phone may be “smart,” but I am not so sure that someone who pays over $150 for a phone is smart…well, maybe if they use it for their job. I dunno, paid about $20, to replace another $20 that was going bad, some 5-7 years ago, and I believe that included 100 free minutes. Got one of the Ma Bell’s prepaid plans in 2008 and soon after they were bought out by Verizon, and I am “Grandfathered” in on that plan – forever, apparently, I guess.

Just checked at Walmart for that replacement phone I purchased from them some years ago, and the cheapest one now looks to be just less than $30!?! They have a $22.50 one, but am not sure if Verizon accepts that one. Geez…some are well over $150! Let me check to see if Verizon accepts this new Linux-based PinePhone:
Let’s try “braveheart”:


If I typed in the right name, then Verizon doesn’t do PinePhone…no biggie, here is the old $20 phone I use now:


Here’s the plan:


Not sure what their costs for prepaid plans are now, but suspect they’re more than 15-cents a minute. I don’t do text, so am never charged that 10-cents…can barely hit the small buttons right for dialing, how in-the-heck can anyone type on those miniature keyboard thingies?! Don’t talk much on the 15-cents a minute phone either…pay $15 a month fee and here is my current balance:


I don’t know what OS the ‘Thang uses – could care less, actually…it’s just a phone…well, they call it a “mobile phone” now. Let me check the Mobile Operating Systems:


Looks like Android owns that market…Linux needs to just stick to server ‘Baby Sitting’ duty, though I do use the Ubuntu 18.04.03 desktop on some of my computers. For me to buy a PinePhone, they’ll need to drop their price down to below $30, and get Verizon to accept them as an actual phone they would carry.