Linux hasn’t mastered the basic Auto-Scroll function of a simple Mouse, and yet Linux Fanatics, some supporters, my ‘MuseOrca (11/30/19 – *CORRECTION*MuseOrca corrected me – see her comments at bottom), and ‘Snake Oil’ salesmen falsely claim that Linux is “the future of gaming.”

Being stuck at about 2% of the total OS desktop/laptop market for decades is a pretty accurate indicator of the gaming future for Linux … i.e. “Stuck on Stupid!


I love Linux, but not as my main Operating System, and have given Linux many chances to become my main OS for over 23 years. Ryzen™ is a major player in the gaming industry, and they barely give Linux any attention … granted, Intel gives Linux their full attention, but Intel is more than just a gaming chip, and most Linux Distros can’t even keep up with Intel. Over 2000+++ Linux Distros (I don’t believe anyone actually knows how many) and only a small percentage of those are anything other than a ‘Toy OS’. Ubuntu 18.04 is the only one I truly recommend for desktop/laptop usage … there are many good ‘Specialty’ Distros like BionicPup and Kodachi, but the rest are a waste for desktop/laptop duty. I’m not a gamer, but let’s look at some actual gaming facts:

Steam’s Linux Gaming Marketshare For April Comes In At Just Above 0.5%

May 2018 – The April 2018 statistics for the Steam Hardware/Software Survey show the Linux gaming market-share at now 0.55%, an increase of 0.22% from the month prior when the Linux users came in at just one-third of a percent. This is quite an increase month-over-month but still tiny compared to the nearly 3% for macOS gamers or 96% for Windows.

Linux gaming is on a life-support system called Steam

Feb 2, 2019 – However, the percentage of PC players that actually use Linux has remained roughly the same since 2013, and it’s a tiny fraction of the gaming market — just about 2 percent. Linux is no closer to claiming the gaming world’s crown than it was six years ago, when Newell predicted the open-source, user-generated-content revolution … snip… “My hope is Steam’s Proton project really takes off and Linux support is invisible to me,” Refenes said. “In an age of three consoles, PCs with millions of different configurations, and a market that is getting increasingly crowded by the day, the last thing I want to do is take time and money to support Linux when historically this has offered no marketing or financial advantage. But if Steam does the heavy lifting, then that’s a win for everyone.”

“PC players” should actually be PC users, IMHO, since Linux gamers represent an even smaller number than that “2 percent” mentioned.

Linux Gaming Won’t Find A Mainstream Audience Until 3 Things Happen

Apr 3, 2019 – Despite Valve’s groundbreaking efforts on Proton — an amazing compatibility tool that lets gamers install and play thousands of Windows-exclusive Steam games on the Linux client — the market share of users enjoying Steam on Linux remains at less than 1 percent.

Linux has been piddling around at being a desktop OS for over 27 years … ‘Think – Stuck on Stupid.