Hyundai 120GB Internal Solid State Drive 2.5″- SATA(SATA/600)

Max Sequential Read – Up to 500 MBps

Max Sequential Write – Up to 320 MBps

Model: C2S3T/120G             Walmart # 577506208

Have never used Hyundai SSD’s, but at this price I’ll grab 2 for the future! The 240 GB’s are just $23.99 which is also a good price. Linux easily fits on the 120 GB’s … I even have WIN10 Pro on that size on my new ‘Ryzen‘ computer – takes up just 32 GB since I don’t use Microsoft Office on it. My desktop computers with WIN10 Pro plus Microsoft Office use a 240-250 GB SSD. On my main computer, I always keep my Data on a separate drive from the OS…and copy that Data drive to another drive that I only put into the computer for that copy process (about once a week) and then remove it after copying. Am slowly moving all my OS backups, Data backups/copy’s, test drives to SSD from HDD…in fact, I barely use HDD’s for anything anymore.