I’ve been searching for a suitable Cube case since the ‘Lusting for‘ – *The* – HAF XB Evo LAN Box and Test Bench Computer Case post…done on 11/11/19 (i.e. over a month now!). It will start out being for ‘Ryzen’ – my newest computer build, and I plan on doing more Ryzen™ tests in the future (their more powerful processors). I also want to free up my homemade ‘Test Bench’ for some minor testing of older MoBo’s ‘n stuff.

After searching for over 5 weeks, the search was going nowhere, so humble me decided it might be time to start a ‘Requirement List’ of what I want in this case (about time!).

  • Has to be an easily accessible case – maybe a removable MoBo tray like HAF XB Evo.
  • Has to be micro-ATX (micro-ATX + mini-ITX is better) – smaller footprint than HAF XB Evo.
  • Has to have at least 2 external bays (prefer 5.25” x 1 & 3.5” x 2)
  • Windowless side panels (*NO* tempered glass or plastic windows!)
  • Full ATX power supply
  • Cost – like to find one around $20, but that price doesn’t seem possible for Cube cases.

Here are some – with problems – that made it too a narrowed down list:

1) The Cooler Master HAF XB EVO was perfect except for two things: 1) price & 2) foot print … footprint of 16.7” x 17.4” x 13” (D x W x H) is just too big for me. The price doesn’t seem to drop, still around $103 – $170+ *OR* it’s back-ordered or out of stock. Really liked this case, but 17.4” wide is just too wide.

2) Came close to getting the Silverstone SG02-F, but that $84 price was a bit too high, and so search continued. Footprint of 15.47” X 10.63” x 8.35” (D x W x H) good, plus two external bays.

3) Loved the Lian Li PC-V351; however, no one seemed to stock it anymore?!? Has a slide-out MoBo tray that I really like, and the footprint was just 10.31″ x 10.98″ x 14.69″ (H x W X D).

4) Stumbled across this one as I was about to give up until after Christmas – apparently no OEM since it was listed as “Micro ATX Cube PC gaming case with handle” … perfect, but requires buying 200 Pieces (don’t have the money nor the need for 200 cases!?). They could also send me 150,000 of them a month if I wanted. That ‘Flip-Top’ was very interesting (wondered if it could be removed entirely.)! Footprint of 13.90” x 10.43” x 11.6” (D x W x H) was perfect. I’ve searched and searched … then searched over and over again and again, but *ALAS* just *ONE* was not to be found!

Was about to give up the search – a.g.a.i.n – until after Christmas, then yesterday morning (12/18/19) the Apevia X-Qpack3-NW-BK basically fell into my lap. I was headed for a rare trip out, so went ahead and ordered it! Amazon had it for $59.99 with free shipping and no tax. ‘That‘ 140mm front blue LED fan will be pulled & tossed, and I’ll add a good one at rear – I hate LED computers, personally. It may be a ‘flimsy’ case, according to an old YouTubie on a much older one, but I can work with ‘flimsy’ since it will be ‘remolded’ some anyway. Apevia has two 5.25” external bays (will put Hot Swap bays in both – use my USB DVD-rom if needed). Takes micro-ATX & mini-ITX MoBo’s, plus uses an ATX PSU. Has “solid side panels(no side windows)” plus easy access with the ‘Flip-Top’ idea. I will probably try and make that ‘Flip-Top’ come all the way off when needed – minor adjustments…so to speak. Footprint is 15.25″ x 10.25″ x 12.75″ (D x W x H – 13.75″ in height including case feet) which is perfect…13.75” with case feet, since a blowing-down bottom PSU will need that open area. ‘Free Shipping’ is slow in America now, what-with this incredibly busy shopping season, so it’ll be next week before my this case & my earlier ordered Hot Swap bays arrive. Here are some Apevia pics: