OK…the Cube case for ‘Ryzen’ isn’t in the pics yet (just ‘Test Bench‘), it arrives next week so I was doing some prep work, cleaning, rerouting of wires & cables, remodeling & creating more space under the old computer desk, moving ‘Antec Sr.’ to the new space, etc. Removed *THREE* power strips that were wasting & taking up space! Removed 2” off an added computer desk shelf, and slid the old computer desk back 3”. Bet y’all don’t know another swamp-hermit with a tiled floor in their hut!

Yep, it worked out fine, and I have 3 spare power strips now (was about to buy another one). Trying to avoid clutter on the computer desk’s desktop is a priority, IMHO. ‘Antec Sr.’ is 18.75” tall, 8.25” wide & 18.25” deep … ‘Antec Jr.’ is 17” tall, 8 “wide & 18.5” deep and they are barely noticeable under the desk now. Plenty of foots room & leg stretching room under there now, after some minor changes. The old computer desk is over 25 years old, and has been ‘Remodeled’ at least a dozen times.

I have an old oak desk to the left of the computer desk, and have created a space for a couple more computers between the desks. I have brackets on each desk that hold a lower removable shelf (it also slides if needed), and also a bracket on the old computer desk that holds a temporary plywood ‘countertop’ that can slide over the old oak desk (can be removed also). Will eventually make a nicer sliding/removable countertop, and some kind of remodeling that will turn all of that area into what will look like a single-unit.

Ryzen’ Cube computer and the ‘Test Bench’ will be for testing hardware, and ‘Ryzen’ will also be the #2 Linux & software test computer (‘Antec Sr.’ is #1 Linux test machine). I’ll be able to slide the countertop to get to both the ‘Ryzen’ and ‘Test Bench’ – OR – just pull one of them out and sit it on top of the temp plywood countertop. ‘Antec Sr.’, ‘Ryzen’ & the ‘Test Bench’ share one 22” monitor – using a HDMI hub:

I have another 22” monitor further to the left, stored under the open area of the old oak desk – I set it on top when doing tests with ‘Rose’ and/or ‘InWin’, but ‘Ryzen’ can also use that one if needed.