The Apevia X-Qpack3-NW-BK case arrived yesterday, and it is such a great case that I’m in the process of renaming it to ‘Apevia’ – all my top computers get their case names anyway, but the soon-to-be formerRyzen’ computer got named in the process of my building a ‘Test Bench’ for the Ryzen™ 5 3400G and Asus MoBo I was putting together … BTW, I’m also adding $60 for the case, and $45 for the cheap Rosewill ARC-550 power supply to the previous $245 cost of that build, for a total now of $350. However, since this case is going to also involve lots of hardware testing, I’m not going to be doing further cost updates, and nor will I bother to update the Build a Ryzen Test Computer – ‘with Scrap ‘N a $150 $250 Budget’ post. Here’s a quick shot of my new ‘Computer Row’:

(Note: that’s 8 feet from ‘Rose‘ to ‘Antec Jr.‘ All controlled from computer desk, other than having to get up to turn ‘Rose‘ on, and/or to switch ‘Her’ to another display – ‘Rose‘, ‘Apevia‘ & ‘Antec Sr.‘ share same display unless I’m doing a lot of testing.)

Christmas shopping here in America has been huge this year – ‘Record Breaking Huge’ – and, in fact, as I had predicted on 11/26/2019: “My ‘Gut Feeling’ is that America may be on the verge of a record breaking … make that *MAJOR* Record Breaking holiday shopping season.” Change in shipper’s habits sorta gave it away, even back then. Anyway, I was surprised that the Apevia case arrived so quickly – because 2 other orders have just been sitting where the labels were created…a recent 3rd order is also just sitting.

I have lots of pics of the new ‘Apevia’ build being placed into the new case, but am waiting for two more parts, maybe even a GeForce 1660 test, and am also renaming a computer; thusly, this is going to be a short post…mainly since soon-to-beApevia’ build deserves my full attention on that pending post.