Had to delete three posts this morning because I am finding too many problems between my Ryzen™ 5 3400G with Radeon™ RX Vega 11 Graphics and ‘Live’ Linux Distro USB testing. Am not sure if the problem/s is/are caused by the Ryzen™ APU or the RX Vega 11 and/or both of them. After testing Anarchy Linux and Mint 19.3, all day yesterday (have deleted that post), I decided to run a quick ‘Live’ Zorin 15.1 Core cinnamon test on ‘Apevia’ (the Ryzen™ machine) before bed last night. I was surprised that Zorin was also having ‘Live’ USB problems, so I then tried 5 other Distros that have been updated fairly recently, and they all had some form of a problem or problems. Some just had a minor problem like not recognizing my Wi-Fi (normally I grade not recognizing Wi-Fi as a failure). Others had more serious problems, e.g. not being able to open some folders or the DE going on then off then on again, etc.

Most all of these Distros work fine on ‘Antec Sr.’ – a few always have Wi-Fi problems, and some always have numerous problems; however, not all of them have problems like they did on the Ryzen™ computer. Fortunately, I haven’t done a lot of Distro testing since starting and building a Ryzen™ computer, so not many posts needed deleting.

One thing that slowed me down from spotting this Linux/Ryzen™ problem earlier, was that once the Distro had been updated it usually worked great (of course, some didn’t work well); however, I don’t think that most users bother to update their ‘Live’ USB’s whilst testing. I’d update a ‘Live’ Distro version if it had a persistence partition, but rarely updated a ‘Live’ USB during tests. Will switch an up-to-date Distro installed on an SSD from computer to computer (one of the main reasons I have so many Hot Swap SATA bays on my computers), instead of creating a new ‘Live’ USB version of it.

Have read where AMD doesn’t offer much Linux driver support, and they are especially slow at providing any Graphics drivers for Linux. Intel immediately provides Linux drivers for their products, and says (on page 21) that it’s up to the Distros to add them in:

Linux supported by Intel via the upstreamingof Intel Linux drivers to the Linux Open Source Community. Adoption into individual Linux distributions is dependent upon the OS vendor.

Am not sure how quickly Nvidia provides Linux drivers, but I don’t really have many (if any) problems with Linux working with Nvidia.

I will have to reconsider doing anymore Ryzen™ CPU testing in the future, i.e. I had plans to test some of the more powerful Ryzen™ processors later this year, but may just leave such tests at this Ryzen™ 5 3400G, and upgrade ‘Rose’ to a more powerful Intel instead (as well as switching ‘Rose’ to the Apevia case and sending Ryzen™ to the Rosewill case). Have had a lot of hardware problems with this Ryzen™ build already, and now it’s causing problems with my Linux OS testing…anyway, I’ll decide later this year.