UPDATE 06/28/2020: Am reclaiming Media Library space by deleting old pics.


Clonezilla may be slow and have an antique GUI, but at least the backups are reliable! Timeshift has problems…e.g. didn’t save my ‘TEST‘ document folder…nor the docs in it, download & picture folder’s didn’t save their ‘Test‘ objects either, sometimes it remembers your dock and/or desktop settings…most times it doesn’t, and it forgot my mouse setting (I use right button as primary) also; however, it remembered my Wi-Fi security code, and all the previously installed apps are still in the “Show Applications” window (have to replace them on the Dock tho…).

I also reformatted the test SSD drive that I had created for the BTRFS mode testing, since I found its requirement for the Distro to be installed on a BTRFS partition that many Linux users couldn’t do to be a tad excessive for the purpose – i.e. selecting a “restore” point.

I’ll do some more searching for a Linux full-system backup/restore app that out performs Clonezilla…one that has a GUI & is faster than Clonezilla. Seems like I saw some during my Timeshift testings…

Meanwhile, I have placed Ubuntu Focal Fossa (development branch 20.04) alongside ExTiX Deepin 20.1 on that 128GB test SSD…install ExTiX first since its Calamares installer is known for being problematic (most Linux Distros don’t really know how to set it up), and then install Ubuntu “alongside” it (Ubuntu knows what its doing!).


You also get the Ubuntu Boot-manager…I had problems with installing ExTiX using any method other than to “Erase” the disk. You can install Ubuntu LTS on a kitchen sink if you wanted to:

Rule of Thumb – if you can’t install Ubuntu on it, then you can’t install any Linux Distro on it.

Here are some pics…



Difficult to get a closeup pic on “system info” using Deepin DE because it goes away when clicking take picture. ExTiX had no problems with the Ryzen™ processor tho. Here’s a couple pics of Ubuntu Focal Fossa…



No problems with the Ryzen™ processor either.

OK…that’s it for Timeshift!