Just a quick post … Did some testing on Elive Linux, 4MLinux & RestoreZilla.

Stand back – Software & Hardware Testing going on!!!

Couldn’t get RestoreZilla to restore, so just downloaded the new Clonezilla last night – no need to test it since it always works (slow but reliable).

Did a ‘Live‘ USB test on 4MLinux, since it sounded great, but couldn’t get wireless mouse/keyboard combo to work on either ‘Apevia‘ or ‘Antec Sr.‘ test computers; however, after plugging in a wired USB keyboard & wired USB mouse, the wireless combo started working on ‘Antec Sr.‘ though I didn’t bother to test that medtod on ‘Apevia’. Had problems with the Wi-Fi internet connection also. It had some interesting apps for it, but wouldn’t have worked right as a portable OS.

Had tested Elive Linux first, and posted about it – then deleted the post, since I was too harsh on it. The Beta 64 bit version requires a donation/fee, and the stable 32 bit version requires a 1-2 hour wait before downloading:

32 bit required you sending in your email addy…and then waiting for a reply. 1 hour later they sent a link:

They said it was Virus Protected because it is Linux, i.e. “Viruses are mostly made to sell anti-virus” software … I should’ve sent them a link to my Linux Security Issues page:

Well, if you’re willing to wait 1-2 hours for the 32 bit version, it is free…the 64 bit is going to cost you. Hard to compete with the other 2000+++ Linux Distros when you require a donation or fee.

The ‘Live‘ USB Elive test went great on graphics and Wi-Fi tests, and was tested on both the Ryzen™ ‘Apevia‘ computer and the Intel ‘Antec Sr.‘ computer.

That’s it for this update…