I don’t normally bring my political blog’s stuff over to my Linux Newbie blog; however, I found the Evidence over hysteria — COVID-19 article so helpful that I wanted to share it here…

The Swamp Hermit's Report

The Democratic party and their MSM puppets have pushed for hysteria, panic and confusion since day-one in their attempt to pin the Chinese Coronavirus on President Trump (they want to have it named ‘Trump’ Coronavirus instead, IMHO). Traitorous actions – akin to shouting “Fire!” in a crowed theater, at best.

I mentioned in an earlier post that PowerLine blog has some of the best info and perspectives that I’ve found on the internet, and is coming at an even faster rate now. Here’s one of the best so far:

Evidence over hysteria — COVID-19

It’s long and filled with info and points…a must read, IMHO.

Ever hear of “Preppers“?

The Democratic party and their MSM puppets have caused so much hysteria & panic that a new style of Prepper has emerged in response to the Chinese Coronavirus – the “CORONAVIRUS PREPPER.”


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