I’ve been drooling over NewEgg’s $419.99 price on the AMD RYZEN 9 3900X processor for over a month now, but I had wanted to wait until later this year, since it would be going into the ‘Apevia‘ Ryzen™ test computer…and, would require more money – unless I pulled the GeForce 1660 GPU from ‘Antec Jr.’ and gave it to ‘Apevia’. The 3900X comes with a Wraith Prism cooler, but AMD’s stock coolers are noisy – tho I still have a couple of  Low-Noise Adapters left that work great at quieting noisy fans (worked on the Ryzen 5 3400G’s stock fan). Point is, getting a Ryzen™ CPU instead of their APU can run up the costs another $300-500 quickly when adding a better cooler and a new GPU…that’s added to the $419.99 drooling price, if you don’t already have some stuff.

Then, is the 3900X really going to add much more to the ‘Apevia’ test computer?

UserBenchmark says:

Most desktop/laptop users don’t use much more than a couple cores and/or “four threads.” Apparently, even many of today’s popular games don’t use over “four threads” either, so the AMD RYZEN 9 3900X 12-Core and 24-Threads would mainly be just a test computer luxury for humble below-poverty level American me. It can get tough being an American when you have difficult decisions like this to make. Oh, I just remembered that President Trump is going to send all Americans a check for about $1200, so maybe I should go ahead and buy this great deal on the 3900X before the price goes up (between $488-500 on other sites).

UserBenchmark does millions of tests…on PC’s, CPU, GPU, HDD & USB’s and their results usually show the performance for 3 levels, gaming-desktop-workstation. In most of those tests, they also show costs, value for money, user popularity, core and thread results, fps results, and many other results. Here’s their current top 10 effective speed CPU’s:

When I built the ‘Apevia‘ it was with a plan to build the cheapest Ryzen™ test computer (i.e. not my main machine) that I could, then upgrade it later this year to a faster processor using the same MoBo, and now the same 16 GB of memory I pulled from ‘Antec Sr.’ (which now has 16 GB instead of 32). Definitely was a pain, and works good enough that I will probably wait til later and then add a new GPU & maybe one of those water coolers I have never tried…if the 3900X goes up too much, then I’ll wait for a drop.