How bad? They can barely give it away for free…is that bad enough? They’ve had a Desktop worldwide user share of about 2% for decades…is that bad enough? If you count all the Distros, plus their Desktop Environments (DE), and their various flavors you’ll come up with over 2000+ choices. If the some 2000+ fragmented Distro choices aren’t bad enough, then wait until you get into the fragmented Linux terminology. Thinking about moving from Windows 7 or Windows 10 to Linux? OK…your next move is to find a Distro you like, and you have some 2000+ to choose from – have some Fragmented Fun!

Making a choice for which 1 of the 2000+ women in your Harem gets to spend the night with you can be difficult at times (in such cases I always selected more than 1), but trying to choose a Distro from a list of 2000+ is basically impossible for most humans, especially when you have no clue about the workings of the Linux OS. Some who have made that move from Windows to Linux have been stuck in an endless cycle of ‘Distro-hopping’ for decades.


A distrohopper is someone that keeps switching from one linux distribution to another, not with the intention to just test a certain Linux distribution, but with the illusion to find the perfect Linux distribution that suits all his/her needs and to install that as his/her main Operating System. Of course that distro does not exist.

excuses for the distrohopper: not the latest version of a certain application, a certain feature is not available in his current distro but it is available in distro X, he/she suddenly hates the theme of his current distro and distro X has this nice iconset

Yes, the spellings of distro-hopping and/or distrohopper are also fragmented…actually, the spelling of Linux is possibly the only thing connected to Linux that isn’t fragmented. I may do a part 2 follow-up post to this…involving Linux installation problems, Linux Hardware Recognition problems, Linux driver problems, Linux Security problems, etcetera etcetera etcetera; however, you’ll need to first make a choice of which Distro you want.

PS. If you insist on trying, and since Linux is free … here’s a free tip:

Rule of Thumb – if you can’t install Ubuntu on it, then you can’t install any Linux Distro on it.