Back to piddling with full installs to a USB drive – here’s some reference points from older posts: 1) WIN 7 series: For Windows 7 users which is a Page with some USB subject posts … 2) Windows 7 Users – ‘Persistent Storage vs Full Install on USB’ is the main post I’m referencing. This piddling comes from lots of piddling and even more experimenting with trying to install two Linux Distros to one SSD without having to do it the “Alongside” method, i.e. doing it using the “Something else” and/or “Manual partitioning” methods. No other Linux Distro has such a great ‘Installer’ as Ubuntu LTS does … none nada zip ‘n not even close! Here’s the GParted prepped SSD that came closest to working:

Ubuntu would work that way, but I couldn’t find another Distro that could do it without normal “Erase” install or the “Alongside” method. No biggie…just some testings.

Shotgun blasting away…all the above came about right after the Printers & Linux – ‘testing Mint 19.3 + Kubuntu 20.04 + UbuntuCinnamon 20.04 + Manjaro 20.0’ post. Had really thought the Kubuntu 20.04’s KDE Plasma DE might be better than GNOME, for a little while anyway. However, not long after installing Kubuntu 20.04 it became just too ‘Busy’ for me, e.g. I don’t want to switch my primary mouse button & then have to click “Apply.” I don’t want to Shut Down or Restart by having to open the Application Launcher and then proceed all over the screen clicking…here, a pic explains better:

Still not done:

Busy…busy moving the mouse from Application Launcher, then to Leave on the right side of that window, then up & back to the left side of window to Sleep or Restart or Shut Down, and then a full screen opens with a 30 seconds countdown – unless you move the mouse over to right center of full screen & select the option that you wanted…again. Some settings were difficult to find, but Linux is renowned for its Fragmentation of everything, so that is a common problem when switching Desktop Environments (DE)…most every Distro (of 2000+) has its own name for file managers (etcetera) and locations for different settings (etcetera). For example, I like a Single-click to open files and folders, instead of the busy Double-click method, and that setting is generally around the File Manager. KDE Plasma has it in System Settings > Workspace > Workspace Behavior > General Behavior. Had to finally search the internet on how to find the Single-click method. KDE Plasma is a beautiful DE, but just too busy for humble me.

USB’s … whilst blasting away with my Shotgun; I finally found a quick and easy-fast way to do a full install of a Linux Distro (*well, at least Ubuntu 20.04 LTS*) to a USB. However, I am saving that for another post, after some newly ordered 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive’s come in (ordered them last night). Took me less than 4-5 minutes to install Ubuntu 20.04 LTS onto a flash drive last night…I was shocked at how fast it went!
Am keeping the method and brand secret until the new ones arrive; however, I can say that I am done with DataTraveler and ADATA flash drives for anything other than temporary ‘Live’ USB tests & for temporary data storage! Am also done with any USB over 32GB’s in size since I don’t like exFat right now (maybe when Linux gets more familiar with it)! Couldn’t get Ubuntu 20.04 LTS to install on either of those brands (Note – after time went over 30 minutes I just stopped the install), using both 32GB and 64GB drives…even when using the same secret method.

My finger is sore from pulling the trigger so much yesterday ‘n today, so will go ahead and post this with a ‘Tip’ on my secret USB installation method: I use “Something else” during installation.

Rule of Thumb – if you can’t install Ubuntu on it, then you can’t install any Linux Distro on it.