I haven’t been paying much ‘real’ attention to the Linux Desktop OS Global market share for some time now…hey, I’ve followed it for decades & it seems around 2% +- whenever I check; however, recently I noticed some articles being written about Linux market share rising whilst Windows market share is dropping, and decided to check into it.

NetMarketShare’s charts have a “24” interval limit on the monthly charts (didn’t see a yearly one?!) so I could only go back to June of 2018.

Linux was at a 2.78% market share around December of 2018, but has been steadily dropping ever since…until just recently. Around March of 2020 the Linux Desktop/Laptop market share was at 1.36% and Ubuntu was just .27% of that. Ubuntu has jumped to 1.89% of the total Desktop OS market share, and that leaves the other Linux Distros with a market share of .98% (that includes the Ubuntu Flavors, BTW).

Take out Ubuntu, Ubuntu Flavors, Ubuntu-based and Mint & it looks like the rest of the Linux Distros don’t have much of a Desktop/Laptop OS market share at all. Looks like all those articles and blog posts were just a hullabaloo over nothing…

Rule of Thumb – if you can’t install Ubuntu on it, then you can’t install any Linux Distro on it.