An exciting week – over 13 GBs of Distro ISOs downloaded ‘n hours of tested, testing, and planned tests. Also, am in the process of updating Karmi’s Top 10 Linux Distros to a new rating’s standard…here is the snippet on that info:

6/23/20 Update: Deleted the recent PCLinuxOS post & removed from Top 10 – I get so excited when seeing something that I have looked for from Linux, that often important testing steps get missed, and jumping to conclusions follows…so to speak. I hate the Linux ‘pesky‘ password requirements, that most Distros seem to have, and as the LINUX NEWBIE – SINCE 1996 blog approaches 18 months I am looking for ‘n planning for new progressn direction/s. Am getting ready to remove a lot of Distros from my Karmi’s Top 10 Linux Distros page as I prepare to raise my rating standards, e.g. 1) if an option is offered to the user to opt out of the ‘pesky‘ password then that Distro gets a *HUGE* ratings jump … 2) another example of gaining a higher rating will be how much Physical ‘n Financial Long Term Support does that Distro have (opposite example: Mint has been hanging on by the fingernails for almost two years now – they could fall out of Top 10 if Mint 20 gets delayed) … 3) since Ubuntu LTS has no competition for the Top Category of Desktop Duty then ‘Specialty‘ OSes value increases (e.g. Kodachi being higher rated than Mint).

Dealing with that PCLinuxOS post (now deleted) reminded me of just how unreliable ‘n unstable a majority of the over 2000+ Linux Distros are…fun to ‘PiDdLe’ with but certainly not trustworthy for a full-time ‘Desktop Duty’ OS. Distros come ‘n go all the time, so one should choose a well supported Distro – with both Physical ‘n Financial Long Term Support – if they plan to invest any serious time into it; for example, Arch-based (AKA Arch ‘Wannabe’) Antergos folded last year and 3 months later got replaced with another useless ‘n poorly supported Arch ‘Wannabe’ – EndeavourOS.

I am planning on, maybe a series or something similar, of some posts possibly linked to a Page on well *SUPPORTED* (for the long-term) Linux Distros that are also known for their reliability ‘n stability.

Have also found at least two Linux Distros that are now vying for that Top #2 spot, so I should fill both the #2 and #3 spots soon.

MX Linux and Kodachi posts have been visitors favorites for a long time; however, my Windowsfx 10.2 (Linuxfx 10) – ‘a smooth downhill path to Linux adoption’? post from June 14, 2020 has been amazingly popular!

OK … now added to the Progressions of the Linux Newbie Blog page, and believe that that is it for now!

Rule of Thumb – if you can’t install Ubuntu on it, then you can’t install any Linux Distro on it.