Most Linux ‘Aficionados’ either mistakenly and/or falsely claim that Linux is the same or better than Windows 10 as a Desktop OS. Personally, I like ‘some’ Linux Distros a lot, but will not make excuses for their obvious disregard of the wishes of a majority of Desktop users. One of the many reasons that Windows 10 has over a ‘Billion Users’ is because a majority of Desktop users prefer controlling their Desktop OS with a functional basic wheel mouse. Keyboard focused Linux OS doesn’t even understand what the basic functions of a wheel mouse are (or should be).

This post is an update to the 07/26/2019 Linux and the basic Wheel Mouse post, in which I place a lot of focus on Linux having no auto scroll function at all…most Linux ‘Aficionados’ have no clue what that basic function is – seriously!

In this post, I want to focus on just the basic scrolling ability ‘n choices of Vertical Scrolling:

Vertical scrolling is the most common form of scrolling you used on a computer. With vertical scrolling, the window moves up or down using a scroll bar, allowing the user to see additional information in a window. For example, you may need to scroll down to continue reading a document or see other parts of the page.

As far as I know, Linux doesn’t have Horizontal Scrolling (tilt the wheel), or I don’t see that choice offered by Manjaro Linux:

Not much choice is offered by this keyboard focused Manjaro Linux; however, that is basically the choices that all 2000+ Linux keyboard focused Distros offer. Here are the Vertical ‘n Horizontal choices offered by Windows 10:

Note the other tabs under Windows 10’s Mouse Properties, e.g. “Buttons” ‘n “Pointers” ‘n “Pointer Options” that are offered alongside the Wheel tab. Lots of choice offered for the basic wheel mouse in Windows 10, but few offered by keyboard focused Linux.

I’m not sure how many lines move when you roll the wheel “one notch” to scroll under keyboard focused Linux, but it seems like 1.5 lines and no choice for more. Windows 10 offers from 1-100 lines per notch of the wheel. Fact is, one of the reasons for this post is because I was so tired of how slow the scrolling was under Linux that I checked out the keyboard to see what scrolling functions that it offered. Well, no surprise for a keyboard focused OS like Linux, i.e. the keyboard actually seems a lot faster at scrolling than their mouse. Maybe the keyboard has more choices, but I just found Page Up ‘n Page Down works pretty good at scrolling…sorta. Then there are the Arrow/Directional keys, which do a whole lot better at scrolling than the mouse does under keyboard focused Linux Distros.

Some 28 years after Linus Torvalds created Linux…some 2000+ Linux Distros to choose from ‘n Linux is still stuck on its keyboard focused mentality. Well, like I have mentioned before on this blog – Linux only has 2 advantages over Windows 10: 1) Old Computers ‘n 2) USB portability.