I think they have moved most of their site to SourceForge at Linuxfx / Winfx 64 bits PC. Might make language barriers easier, i.e. if my site views are close to accurate, then they were probably getting a lot of visitors from the United States, Italy, Poland, United Kingdom (they speak a form of English there  😉 ), and Latvia in fairly large numbers…single digits from areas in ‘n around South Asia. Anyway, all my previous links seem to be directed to the SourceForge site now.

They’re showing 41,219 downloads this week which is up from “31,508” noted in my July 15, 2020 post. Not sure what all changed in this new 10.4 version…besides a new background:

Interesting twist to one of the WIN10 logos, and a very clean look with the desktop icons removed (I removed them).

I know they have changed kernel versions ‘n Cinnamon versions since the June 14, 2020 post:

These people ain’t playin’ around!

Will add this to the Windowsfx/Linuxfx page…