OK .. the Vanilla Arch Linux series is back on ‘n have created the Vanilla Arch Linux Page to keep track of the tests. There are numerous “How to Install Arch Linux” tutorials out there, and my old method wasn’t working anymore (as reflected in the failed results in Part 1 ‘n Part 2 of this series) … that old method was a mixture of many old ‘n new tutorials, with a mix of my own input. Am using two of my main Linux Test Computers – ‘Apevia’ AMD Ryzen™ (plus a GeForce GTX 1660 XC graphic card)  & ‘Rose’ Intel Core i7-8700.

Have had some problems with WordPress not getting the correct font or format (?!?) from MS Word when I’m doing a post, e.g. when doing a double-dash with the dash key (AKA negative, hyphen, etcetera) WordPress is show that as a single dash. Thusly, I am in the process of updating my Vanilla Arch command prompt information, and it looks to be a combination of the How to Install Arch Linux [Step by Step Guide] It’s FOSS source with some of my tweaks added in. That will be in Part 4 (a Gnome DE installation).

Finally got the terminal working with this new method, but Arch Linux is an incredibly difficult Desktop OS to work with, e.g. it’s Gnome DE doesn’t seem to offer Gnome Tweaks Tool, but am still searching … correction, just installed it with the terminal that is now working in this new install. Can’t get Dash to Panel yet, because of another issue…Firefox installed OK, but the GNOME Shell integration extension isn’t working right. Never a problem with Ubuntu ‘n CentOS, but Arch is like having someone drill your teeth with a dull bit.

Anyway, may also try Cinnamon DE with this new method, if I can’t get Gnome to provide the Dash to Panel…

Here’s pic of new Terminal:

Pathetic .. i.e. humble me would’ve never imagined that I would miss a command prompt!?!

Will add this to the Vanilla Arch Linux page…