Just backed up 163 GBs of Data the other day, and noticed it took longer to copy the Data to the Crucial SSD than it did to an old Samsung SSD. I keep the OS (on a PCIe Gen3x4 M.2) separate from the Data SSD of my main computer, and like to backup that Data to SSD’s not kept in the computer. Try to use two SSD’s for that backup task…plug one in every few day ‘n do a fresh copy to it, then the other a few days later. Lately, have been doing the backups more often, like every other day.

The 240 GB Crucial’s were a lot cheaper ($26 each) than the old Samsung was, but they claim to have a Max Sequential Read of Up to 540 MBps and a Max Sequential Write Up to 500 MBps. The old 250 GB SAMSUNG 850 EVO was $88 in 2016, and has a Max Sequential Read of Up to 540 MBps and a Max Sequential Write Up to 520 MBps.

It takes less than 11 minutes to transfer 163 GB’s of Data to the old Samsung and it takes over 25 minutes to transfer the same Data to the Crucial. Data includes docs, pics, music, videos, OS iso’s, etc.

I use a lot of 120-128 GB Crucial, Team and Hyundai SSD’s for testing Linux on, so transfer speeds are not a big concern during those tests. Got most of those for less than $18 each. Do use some of those for OS backups…one for Linux backups using Clonezilla, and at least one separate SSD to backup main computer’s WIN10 Pro. The main WIN10 Pro gets backed up every other day, usually, with permanent SSD’s in the computer. OS backup disks don’t have to be fast, but I want my backup Data disks to be fast.

Decided to buy a new Samsung 860 EVO 500GB disk for backing up both Data and the OS. It will be kept separate from the main computer, and rotated with the smaller ‘n older Samsung. It was $64.99 on sale ‘n with free shipping. Hopefully it’s as fast or faster than the old Samsung.

My WIN 10 Pro’s PCIe Gen3x4 M.2 is extremely fast, but the M.2’s are not easily removed or plugged into Hot Swap Bays; however, looks like there is some newer portable stuff with Up to 2,800 MB/sec Seq. Read and Up to 2,100 MB/sec Seq. Write here, if you have the right equipment for it. Expensive, but faster devices are on their way, so prices will drop.

May be building a new main computer in 2021…  😉