Windows 10 version 20H2 update was released a couple of weeks ago (October 20, 2020) ‘n I got around to installing it on all 6 of my computers this morning – ‘Antec Sr.’ + ‘Rose’ + ‘Inwin’ + ‘Ace the Laptop’ (only one not home built) + ‘Antec Jr.’ + ‘Apevia’. Piece of cake, as usual, and nary a problem.

Didn’t even realize it was out, until this morning when I was checking the battery on ‘Ace the Laptop’ and happened to notice it there. With a Billion+++ Worldwide Windows 10 users it must be a task to get it out to everyone, huh. With so many computers, I normally just create a USB Windows 10 installation media at their ISO site for it, if its a major update, and then do a clean install on most of the computers. Usually just do the WIN10 Pro normal update method on my main computer (‘Antec Jr.’) because its so loaded, and also on ‘Ace the Laptop’ because laptops suk (grin) ‘n then do clean installs on the rest because their WIN10’s are pretty bare. Not always tho, like this morning I was lazy ‘n just let them update. Ate up a lot of my ISP Bonus Data, but Microsoft’s version updates are so easy ‘n reliable to do that not much thought was done on the Data usage. I may still either download the new ISO and/or have them create the USB Windows 10 installation media for me later. Here’s an afterwards pic from one of the computers:

‘Antec Sr.’ and ‘Ace the Laptop’ have Windows 10 Home versions…’Antec Sr.’ has a full license, but the other 4 are WIN10 Pro OEM CD KEY licenses from URcdkey. Had another OEM license from KINGUIN, but did away with that computer so that license is no longer valid. OEM licenses are just for one motherboard.

Here’s a brief Windows 10 version history pic:

I didn’t really move to WIN10 until around the end of 2018…really liked WIN7 until that WIN10 version 1809 came out.