Am not sure what office writer/word I used before 2000, but I purchased some big Microsoft Office Suite in 2000, and never was able to learn it. Just too much for me, since I only needed a basic word processor ‘n this ‘Thang had it all. Tried to activate it last year, after it sat for 13 years, but it was going to be too much trouble so I just dumped it.

May have used a combination of some freeware suites, MS Works (standalone), and WordPad before buying Microsoft Office Suite 2000. Never did master any of them, so buying Microsoft Office Suite 2000 was a waste of money, and a constant headache when moving it to a new computer. Have been thru a lot of computers since 1992, and nothing has been as aggravating as getting MS Office 2000 re-activated on a newer computer. Well, except MS Office Student and Home 2007…it came with 3 licenses that I currently use on 3 computers.

I paid Microsoft a lot of money for that full 2000 version, and they treated me like a criminal every time I moved it to a newer computer. MS Office Student and Home 2007 was less than half the price of that Microsoft Office Suite 2000. Thought I could move past the aggravating re-activation with the 2007 version ‘n its 3 licenses – *WRONG*!!! It became THREE-Times the aggravation! Re-activating one of the 2007 licenses last year for the ‘Antec Jr.’ build was the most aggravating evah! Swore I would never go thru it again, but it’s on my mind again since I am already in the ‘Thinking-About-It’ stage of building a new computer. Democrats are going to ruin the economy again, so am not sure when or if prices are going to drop at all next year. Would basically be moving most of the guts from ‘Antec Jr.’ to ‘Antec Sr.’ but am not sure since this is just the ‘Thinking-About-It’ stage; however, that often leads me to a new main computer.  😉

So, whilst thinking about it the other day I came across this old report:

The Twins Challenge: Office 365 crushes Office 2019

Here’s a question I get a lot: What’s the difference between Office 2019 and Office 365? Aren’t they the same? Well—actually, no … Most importantly, Office 365 is connected to the cloud … Office 2019 also delivers full installs of the Office apps we know and love—but they’re “frozen in time.” They don’t ever get updated with new features, and they’re not cloud-connected.

Now, I had already been over at URcdkey checking their price for MS Office Home and Student 2019 – $39.71:

However, unlike subscription-based versions, the applications included at time of purchase do not receive additional updates from Microsoft. Whenever a new version is available, you must purchase Office again to be able to install it. It also does not include any of the services available with Office 365, such as Skype, or the 1 TB storage offered by OneDrive.

Just what I don’t want, i.e. being “connected to the cloud” or “frozen in time” or it does “not receive additional updates” or “Skype” or OneDrive” … heck, I delete Skype ‘n OneDrive, so why would I want to pay a yearly fee for anything offering them.

OK… Microsoft 365 online is free, but I don’t want to necessarily be online when I’m writing up a post. BTW, I’ve never cared for Google Docs either. I want something available for me at anytime as a full standalone Office suite, like Office 2007, but without anymore aggravating activation problems for a product I *PAID* for!!!

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols is a Linux lackey, but he does provide some useful information at times:

LibreOffice 7: Now more Microsoft-compatible — and still free

 Microsoft has made it clear that it sees the desktop office suite future on the cloud, not on your PC. As a “last resort” — Microsoft’s words, not mine —  Microsoft recommends Office 2019. Maybe paying an eternal subscription fee for Microsoft works for you. It does for many users. But, if you want an old-style office suite which lives on your PC, LibreOffice is now your top choice.

Yeah, LibreOffice has made some improvements over the past year…I don’t like the ‘Mob-Mentality’ of their community, but I should look closer at it. Always has a difficult ‘Feel’ for me, compared to MS Word, but maybe it’s time to work with it a little more. Heck, two of the reasons I like WIN10 Pro OEM keys is they are cheap ‘n I can reinstall them onto the same MoBo whenever I want…without aggravating activation issues, so the time has come to move on from Office ‘n activation issues.

Day Two: Microsoft Office that “lives on your PC” is tough to beat – free or not – so I went back to URcdkey to see what other MS Office products they offered ‘n they had a Microsoft Office Home & Student 2016 CD Key for $33.46. That one gets the updates ‘n such, so it is something to think about if activating one of my 2007 licenses becomes too aggravating again. Also, the Intel i9 9900 CPU in ‘Antec Jr.’ is still tough to beat for ‘Desktop Duty’ and it is currently #26 on the UserBenchmark’s effective CPU speed rating.

The ‘Thinking-About-It’ stage is also about planning for the future, so it may be years before another home build move. The AMD ‘Apevia’ Ryzen™ 9 3900X may be my last AMD build, but other than AMD’s slow updating for Linux it is great for a test computer, and LibreOffice is on it. AMD uses ‘mobs of marketers’ to push their products, using a lot of phony hype ‘n outright lies in their promotion. From my experience, AMD has never been as good as Intel for ‘Desktop Duty’ – Intel is just snappier ‘n faster.

Anyway, back to the Office products…just went to check out Writer on ‘Apevia’ ‘n it looks pretty durn good. I just don’t do much typing on my test computers. Here is a Word pic:

Here is Writer 7 ‘something’:

Both look clean, and I’m definitely not moving to ‘Da Cloud wid Microsoft nor would I ever pay a subscription fee. However, I’m also definitely not moving LibreOffice to my main computer since the 2007 Office ‘lives’ just fine on it – never any problems whilst installed on it.

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!