As mentioned in a post on Manjaro-Architect, I am not into the Linux dogma that Desktop OS users need ‘Pesky Passwords’ and/or annoying “Authenticate” popup Pacifiers in order “to stop them from destroying their systems.” Desktop OS users should at least be given the choice of sucking on that Linux Pacifier or becoming a Fulltime Linux Root User on their own computers, IMHO!

Anyway, Manjaro has a new Distribution Release out, and they have made some nice improvements with it, e.g. easy installation of Nvidia gpu drivers + a great Videos (totem) 3.38.0-1 GNOME app + better USB 3.0 SATA Hard Drive Docking Station recognition + plus easier installation of GNOME Shell Extensions like Dash to Panel & ArcMenu that actually work. Well, the ArcMenu is missing a “Restart” option, but I may have missed a setting for it – tho probably not.

Manjaro 20.2 Nibia got released

Some might want to shoot for the moon – well, we shoot for the four moons of Nibia.

(NOTE: Moon shots are nice, but this Desktop OS user would rather have had the option to become a Fulltime Linux Root User on my own home computers…)

Gnome edition is the epicenter of new exciting features. It received a major overhaul, possibly the biggest update thusfar.

Gnome 3.38 provides performance enhancements, significantly improved application grid, parental controls, excellent welcome tour as well as many other features. The new OEM style installation makes the installation process extremely simple, and Gnome-Initial-Setup lets you easily install Manjaro for other people.

It was an easy ‘n quick install, for sure! Here is the system “About” info pic:

I use the Dash to Panel extension on most all of my GNOME DE Linux installations…here is a pic of it with the ArcMenu opened:

Give an opt-out option for that annoying “Authenticate” popup Linux Pacifier ‘n fix the missing “Restart” option in the ArcMenu, and Manjaro would have a real Desktop OS, IMHO.

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!