Most regular Desktop Linux users get mad when you say Linux is a keyboard-based OS, but most of the actual Developers of Linux Distros readily admit that Linux is a keyboard-based OS, e.g. EndeavorOS says on its frontpage that it is ‘A TERMINAL-CENTRIC’ Distro … i.e. terminal-centric being the same thing as keyboard-based. Hey, when your keyboard can scroll better ‘n faster than your ‘Mouse’ then you’re using a terminal-centric OS.

If you click on the “DOCS” link at top right corner of the Pentoo Linux frontpage, it takes you to a very limited docs section with an old 2014 video:


At about 3:44 of the video, the Developer proudly announces that he is a “keyboard jockey” and that his co-Developer is also a “keyboard jockey.”

BTW, I created the “Honesty” category in Karmi’s Top 10 Linux Distros because the EndeavourOS Developer/s was/were honest enough about Linux being a keyboard-based OS that they proudly say so on their frontpage. I still have EndeavorOS at the #10 spot, because of their honesty.

Anyway, this post is about as ‘scattered’ as my Gentoo tests have been…just started testing Pentoo yesterday (12/07/’20) ‘n have been considering starting a page for both. This post would probably be the foundation post for that page.

Both Distros have eaten a *LOT* of my ISP monthly DATA up, and with very little positive results from these tests. Well, there may have been more positive results, but since my Gentoo knowledge base is naught I can’t be sure…e.g. during Pentoo tests I discovered that at the login window, after logging in, the command “startx” had to be entered before it would go to the Desktop Environment (DE)!?!? Maybe the same was needed during the Gentoo tests, but I don’t know since those test SSD’s have already been erased ‘n reformatted…OOOPS! I am a Hit ‘n Miss tester, and have had a lot of misses with Gentoo already, probably.  😉  It’s now 8:30 AM EST, and a Pentoo test I’ve been doing has gobbled up an incredible amount of DATA in just 15 minutes (8 – 8:15 AM EST)…like 3 GB’s before I knew it!?!? gives me 10GB of “Anytime Data” and 50GB of “Bonus Bytes” (between 2:00 – 8:00 AM EST) per month.

If Gentoo ‘n Pentoo weren’t difficult enough, I also started T2 SDE this morning…will probably do a post at some point on it.

Have created a Gentoo/Pentoo page at my other blog…sorta testing to see how putting pics there will work, i.e. link those to any Gentoo/Pentoo posts here. Not sure how many posts I will do on those two, but Gentoo has a ton of pics already, and I’m not about to clog up my Media Library here with those tests.

Here are three pics from the Pentoo tests today: (a) 1 pentoo DE (b) 1 pentoo updater (c) 2 pentoo updater.  That “pentoo-updater” is still running (9:05 AM EST), but Hughes has throttled the download speed since I ran out of “Anytime Data” earlier, i.e. it’s slow but free DATA at this point until after the 19th of December. Almost gave up on the Pentoo tests a couple of time yesterday…then I discovered the “startx” command, and later figured out how to get connected to the internet – on an Ethernet connection!?! That command was “sudo rc-service NetworkManager start” before I could connect. Reboot requires that command again, so this isn’t a Distro for regular Desktop keyboard-based Linux Distros.

That “pentoo-updater” is still working away doing all kinds of stuff like updating, merging, pre-merging, checking, installing, re-installing, running running running, “Jobs,” configuring and/or whatever so maybe it will turn out OK…I dunno know tho.

That 2 pentoo updater pic shows it was on “90 of 745” Jobs and now it’s at “1 of 186” Jobs, so maybe it is doing something, tho I should’ve deleted this test over an hour ago…me thinks!? Will probably create the page mentioned earlier, since Gentoo ‘n Pentoo are going to be slow ‘n aggravating tests that may requires years before I figure them out…oh well.

Just created the Gentoo ‘n Pentoo page, will add this post to it later, and use that page for these difficult tests…

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!