I seriously doubt anyone has as much fun with Linux as humble me; thusly, a lot of activity on ‘n about the LINUX NEWBIE – SINCE 1996 blog gets lost…as in poof!?! How many hours have I wasted on trying to get the GUI to open in the T2_SDE tests, i.e. T2 System Development Environment tests that get it installed, but no GUI after login. Well, not as many hours as were wasted on Gentoo, for sure! Am creating a Karmi’s Daily Blog Log from this foundation post, but also seriously doubt all of my on ‘n about blog activity will be logged in…probably as good of a logger as a tester, so to speak whilst 🙂  I’ve conducted a *LOT* of Linux activity today, but doing a daily check for news on Linux Distros gave humble me the idea for this new page – GeckoLinux “Barebones”:

If I never log in another act of activity on that Page, then just finding that pic will still have been worth the effort, so to speak of *FUN*!

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!