Clear Linux* Project:

Clear Linux OS is an open source, rolling release Linux distribution optimized for performance and security, from the Cloud to the Edge, designed for customization, and manageability.

Unlike AMD, Intel is a big supporter of Linux. AMD tries to keep up, but their Linux drivers ‘n firmware are *ALWAYS* slow to arrive. AMD does best at hype ‘n boloney, IMHO, especially when it comes to Processors.

However, am not sure how much “customization” Clear Linux OS offers for Desktop OS users, e.g. I can’t get the daylight savings time to reflect my actual local time!?!

Have tried various settings, but it keeps coming back to showing one hour later than my actual local time…it showed “8:03 AM” when it should’ve shown 7:03 AM.  Maybe time is different when yore ‘Head’ is in ‘Da Clouds?!  😉

Another thing…I like to use GNOME Shell Extensions and its Dash to Panel w/o spending a lot of time trying to install them:

Couldn’t get GNOME Shell Extensions to work, and it appears that the Chrome browser won’t install even tho Chromium browser did. No easy Software Package Manager (that I can find) besides their useless Software app, so probably a major pain to install Cinnamon DE…even if I could.

Definitely a ‘Password Dependent’ Distro and not even an option for a Root User at login window. Michael Larabel says it is “The Fastest Linux OS For AMD Ryzen Zen 3,” but even tho it works on my ‘Apevia’ Ryzen™ Linux test computer it’s not giving me the accurate time, and I like Dash to Panel or Cinnamon DE options.

One of those Distros meant for ‘Da Clouds, i.e. more of a “Specialist” or ‘Specialty’ OS like Kodachi.

Here’s a good summation – An Overview of Intel’s Clear Linux, its Features and Installation Procedure:

Brief: Intel’s Clear Linux is not your everyday Linux distribution. It is created for a specific purpose and it excels in that.

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!