Yeah, right Tux…whatever you say!  😉  I get a kick outta following Linux forums, news sites, blogs, etc. Linux is a *LOT* better than it was in 1996, but it isn’t even close to being a real Plug ‘n Play Operating System (OS) like Microsoft Windows. Not even close in 2021 – *AND* – Plug ‘n Play Windows 95 was released “to retail” on August 24, 1995…almost 26 years ago. You would never know it if you were a devout Linux advocate ‘n supporter ‘n Inquisitor believing ever Linux hyped message coming from Linux YouTube, forums, news sites, blogs, etc.

There are many reasons why ‘Windows 10 has over 1 Billion++ worldwide users ‘n Linux has remained stuck around 2% -+ of the worldwide Desktop OS market share for decades… Plug ‘n Play is just one of those reasons.

I’ve documented one radical Linux user for almost two years now – ‘namedLinux Inquisitor ‘X in order not to reveal that user here – and ‘X’ falls into the European Linux using group. ‘X’ has used Linux fulltime for about 10 years, but a sheer lack of any OS and/or technical knowledge keeps ‘XUmbilically Tethered to smaller Linux Distros with even smaller forums.  ‘X’ has to have quick access to help in order to keep their Distro of choice running fairly smoothly, and such users can be a drain on the Distro’s developers. ‘X’ has bounced from at least three different Distros over the past two years, after ‘Swearing’ that each one was the greatest OS ever.

As a Linux Salesperson, ‘X’ makes Tux ‘da Linux Salesperson look more like a Saint Teresa of Calcutta than an actual Linux Salesperson…so to speak of such ‘Thangs.  😉

Have tested at least three Distros recently, have two waiting to be tested, and was slowed down day before yesterday by a Fedora 33 update. No problem with the same ‘InWin’ Intel Fedora 33 update, but some “pipe” something or “pipeline” whatever was broken during the ‘Apevia’ AMD/Ryzen™ plus Nvidia Fedora 33 update…I dunno!?! Anyway, it slowed the boot process waaaaay down…did another “dnf update” yesterday which helped a little, but still slow compared to the Intel’s Fedora 33 bootup. Maybe something with their Nvidia driver? Linux ‘n AMD often seem to have compatibility issues with each other; however, many Distros have been doing great with Nvidia drivers. Heck, maybe it was the kernel update…you just never know with Linux!?!

Updates, especially the ‘Bleeding Edge’ ones, can cause a lot of Linux Distros to have problems, e.g. a USB port or two suddenly stop working or maybe even worse the Distro stops working. Linux Salespersons never (or rarely) mention those problems, but if you watch ‘n listen closely something will accidently ‘Leak’ out.

FossaPup64 9.5 (AKA Puppy Linux 9.5) is my #1 rated Linux Distro, not because it’s ‘Pretty’ or different, but because it’s steady ‘n reliable as my overall second Desktop OS choice (just behind fulltime OS WIN10 Pro). Puppy Linux was actually ‘Bleeding Edge’ before anyone ever came up with that term for the Linux Kernel. Puppy Linux lets the Desktop user be in charge of the OS ‘n not the other way around, i.e. the user has always been a Fulltime Linux Root User. This latest Puppy 9.5 is the best Puppy ever, IMHO. No need for a Linux Salesperson to hype Puppy, since it’s mainly just a portable OS that only a few of the 2% worldwide Linux Desktop users actually want. Seems to only update when you tell it to update and it doesn’t break ‘Thangs when it does – nor – does it literally gobble up 500-800 MBs of Data when it updates. Another problem with many Distros, i.e. they gobble up Data.

Heck, looks like I was ‘partly‘ wrong about the lack of Linux OS users wanting portability. Android probably has the portability OS market share well in hand, especially if Mobile devices and/or Mobile OSes are included in with portability OSes. Linux may be at the bottom of all OSes, but Android is based on a modified Linux kernel. Dig this OS Market Share chart:

That’s from the interesting article – 10 Best Operating Systems for Laptops and Computers [2021 LIST].

Speaking of Android, my new $20 Verizon Wireless Freetel eTalk Prepaid Flip Phone has Android 8.1.0 on it, and I would’ve never guessed it was Android if I hadn’t checked the “About device” on it…!?! Have always hated Android, but this Walmart phone has been incredibly easy to move around in…heck, I always dread adding “contacts” to these prepaid plan phones, but it was easy this time. This prepaid plan was Grandfathered in by Verizon when they purchased the old Bell I originally opened the account with back in 2007-2009…they were only charging me $5 every other month for the past year. In the past, when one of the phones gave out, I could get a $20 replacement from Walmart…usually a Samsung flip top ‘n *NONE* were allowed to have SIM cards (no SIM made it difficult to add contacts); however, this $20 Walmart phone came with a SIM card!?!

Bye Bye old Grandfathered in prepaid plan!?! It was $15 a month with 15-cents a minute for a long time, but fell to $15 every other month after my balance stayed over $100, and then fell to $5 a month – then to $5 every other month when the balance stayed over $200. I rarely use the phone, and those Samsung flip tops with no SIM cards were too small ‘n almost impossible to move around in.

Went to change devices and it said I would also have to change plans…what!?! After 9 months the plan gets to $25 a month for unlimited talk ‘n text, plus 5GBs for something. The old phone was having problems keeping charged, and it didn’t have a replaceable battery that could be swapped out. Verizon is now allowing phones with swappable batteries ‘n SIM cards, but those old basic small flip top phones are apparently no longer available!?! The old “Pay per Minute” plan is also gone. Verizon charges $79.99 for the same $20 Walmart KAZUNA eTalk phone, but the Walmart phone has to be used with Verizon for one year before you can change carrier. Phones suk, but best to have one if such is ever needed. Anyway, Bye Bye old Grandfathered in prepaid plan!?!

Verizon isn’t a Linux Salesperson, but they do sell lots of Android phones…I suspect. They are also the *ONLY* reliable carrier in this remote Tri-County region, so I don’t complain.

A Desktop OS doesn’t have to be Plug ‘n Play, but it absolutely *HAS* to be steady ‘n reliable, IMHO. Windows 10 has over 1 Billion++ worldwide users because of Plug ‘n Play – plus – a long proven record of being steady ‘n reliable. Android is a steady ‘n reliable Mobile OS ‘n has 2.5 Billion worldwide users (smartphones ‘n watches included).

Linux can be a good Desktop OS, but it requires work before ‘n after. Thusly, *Beware* of promises ‘n ‘Trust me’ claims being made by Linux InquisitorX‘n Tux ‘da Linux Salesperson ‘n others of their ilk…

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!